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accelerate webinar series, daniels executive educationThe Accelerate Webinar Series, powered by Daniels Executive Education, is designed to accelerate your capacity to deliver positive results. Webinars are 30 minutes or less, are free and open to all, and occur monthly August through May.

In the summer, episodes are re-released as podcasts and are available year round on Apple, Google Podcasts, and wherever you typically find your podcasts.

Launched in 2020, webinar topics include emotional intelligence, the brain’s reaction to stress, being a virtual team, artificial intelligence, coaching/feedback, team resilience, and more. Recordings can be found below. We hope these discussions provide you with quick-hitting and immediately applicable business, leadership, and technical tips.

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28oct11:30 am12:00 pmAccelerate Webinar Series: HOW CELEBRATING FAILURE YIELDS SUCCESSFree, 30-minute Webinar


18nov11:30 am12:00 pmAccelerate Webinar Series: How To Create a Meaningful Hybrid ExperienceFree, 30-minute Webinar



Category: communication

Communicating with Emotional Intelligence in a Remote World, with Amanda Cahal

April 8, 2020
Communication and emotional intelligence are two of the most important and misunderstood components of the workplace, especially when it comes to virtual and remote work. Watch our webinar to improve both!

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Providing Excellent Coaching and Feedback, with Ali Boyd

May 7, 2020
It can be one of the toughest parts of the working world—giving feedback. Join us to learn just how important it is to give not just any type of feedback, but excellent feedback and coaching.

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Insights for Teams and Organizations, with Amanda Cahal and David Worley

August 6, 2020 If you are familiar with Daniels or Executive Education, you probably know about Insights. It’s a powerful communication and self-awareness tool. A common question after leaving the debrief is always “what’s next?”. We have the answer! This webinar will talk about effectively utilizing Insights for teams and organizations

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Communicating in a New Era of Organizational Life with Amanda Cahal

August 26, 2021 As we emerge from a year unlike any we’ve ever experienced, we have a unique opportunity to decide how we want to work, live, and communicate. Daniels Executive Education Faculty and communication expert Amanda Cahal shares insights that will help you, your team, and your organization succeed.

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Coaching for Engagement, Growth, and Development, with Kellie Jenkins

September 16, 2021 Coaching is an effective modality for both motivating employees and empowering your team to take ownership of their own growth and development. Learn three simple strategies from Executive Education Faculty and executive coach Kellie Jenkins to help level-up your coaching game.

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Category: leadership

Leading in a VUCA World, with Ali Boyd

February 11, 2021
What is VUCA and what does it mean for us? How can you grow your leadership to meet the need? What is leader’s job in a VUCA world? Join professor and coaching expert Ali Boyd to learn about how to lead in a VUCA environment.

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How Your Brain Reacts Under Stress, with Scott McLagan

April 16, 2020
The brain is a complex organ, and in times of stress it can behave in ways we don’t fully understand. Join faculty expert Scott McLagan as we discuss how to lead under stress and how the brain works in trying times.

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Doing More With Less, with Derek Bennington

July 16, 2020
Creativity can be an unexpected and underutilized skill, especially in times of stress and budget cuts. How can you utilize creativity, innovation, and design thinking as a person and as an organization? Featuring Daniels College of Business alumnus Derek Bennington, an author, business owner and consultant in the Denver area.

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Lessons on Leadership from Emergency Situations

March 25, 2021
Brandon Daruna, Chief of the Gilpin Ambulance Authority and a 20-year EMS veteran, discusses leadership lessons from front-line responders in this 30-minute webinar.

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DEI: How to Go Beyond Checking the Box

March 25, 2021
Victor Dzirasa explores why we need to dive deeper and examine organizational processes for DEI in this 30-minute webinar.

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Leadership Strategies for Dealing with Uncertainty

June 3, 2021
The more uncertain the world is, the harder it is to predict. Gain insight from Executive Education Faculty and leadership expert Scott McLagan on how our brains react to uncertainty and how to cope, as leaders, in ever-changing situations.

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Category: Team building

How to Be a Virtual Team, with Kerry Plemmons

April 23, 2020
In the time of virtual teamwork and social distancing, how do we collaborate? How do we build team engagement? What still applies and what doesn’t work? Join faculty expert Kerry Plemmons as we dive into team dynamics in the work-from-home world.

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Team Resilience, with Bo Storozuk

April 8, 2020
How do you connect and ground your team (the individuals and the team as a whole), then make the shift to opportunity and innovation for the team based on their skills and strengths? And more than that, how do you know what skills to harness and develop for the future? This idea-filled session features adjunct faculty member, Jacobs L&D professional, and Daniels alum Bo Storozuk.

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Category: Technical Skills

What Everyone Needs to Know About Their Organization's Finances with Keely Gohl and Dessa Bokides

March 4, 2021
Join us as we host adjunct professors Keely Gohl and Dessa Bokides to discuss the most relevant information we need to know about the finances of our organizations.

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Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Workplace, with Michael Myers

April 30, 2020
Join us to learn how AI is changing the workplace with digital expert and faculty member Michael Myers. The landscape and possibilities of artificial intelligence are quite exciting, and also quite scary. Myers will help you start to navigate and understand this quick-changing world of AI.

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The Importance of Data Visualization, with Amy Phillips

May 28, 2020
Why is data visualization important? We explore this vital skill, share some resources, and discuss how the COVID crisis has provided us with relevant and impactful examples of data visualization. Watch this 30-minute session, facilitated by Business Analytics Teaching Professor Amy Phillips, to learn how data visualization can be a powerful asset to you and your organization.

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Voice Search for You and Your Organization, with Michael Myers

July 23, 2020
Why should voice search matter to you and your organization? Spoiler alert: It will fundamentally change all content on the internet! How you write blogs, how you organize each webpage, and how you change your written tone and language are all impacted by Alexa, Siri and wearable devices. This webinar features Daniels marketing faculty Michael Myers.

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Demystifying Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, with Joshua Ross

Jun 18, 2020
We keep hearing about these trends that are going to change everything—blockchain, cryptocurrency, and bitcoin—but what do they really do and what does that actually mean? This session is an introduction and overview of these technologies, with a Q&A at the end. Featuring Daniels faculty, new director of entrepreneurship, and Daniels alum Joshua Ross. Joshua has also started and led several tech companies throughout his career.

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Powering Your Business Strategy with Data Analytics

October 7, 2021
Learn how you can improve your business performance by creating a powerful data analytics strategy. Executive Education Faculty Jed Summerton presents how to align program, people, process, platform, and data analytics to harness your business’ full potential.

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Category: Strategy

The New Decentralized Workforce, with Alvin McBorrough

June 25, 2020
In the wake of current circumstances, today’s workplace environment has significantly changed. Social distancing and working from home are becoming the new normal. How can we learn from these workplace changes? How can we adapt effectively? How can we leverage collaborative tools and practices long term? Check out this webinar to start to understand how and why the new normal impacts you, your business, and different industries.

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Leading the Changing Organization, with Franco Marini

August 13, 2020
It’s clear to everyone that times are changing dramatically and the leadership styles that have prevailed in the past must be analyzed and restructured anew. It’s essential that a leader be able to operate successfully in a shifting landscape. In this webinar, featuring faculty Franco Marini, you’ll be introduced to strategies that are designed to support your development.

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Instilling Purpose in Large Organizations — with Charles Dhanaraj & Scott Goodson

August 20, 2020
This 45-minute webinar features Charles Dhanaraj, chair of the Department of Management at Daniels, professor and thought leader, and Scott Goodson, founder and CEO of StrawberryFrog, a movement marketing, purpose activation, and internal culture transformation company.

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Agile Organizations: Pivoting in a Changing Market, with Dave O’Callaghan

August 27, 2020
As an organization, it can be tricky to be agile and innovative and go to market quickly. How can mature or large organizations become more innovative and agile and keep up with the market demands? Join us to hear from a venture expert!

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How To Cross The Street: Reawakening Adaptivity, Creativity and Judgment at Work, with Aaron Dignan

September 24, 2020
In this session, author Aaron Dignan will explore the idea of an organizational operating system—and how the assumptions and beliefs that underpin the way we work create the conditions for either compliance and apathy or autonomy and adaptivity.

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Strategically Refocusing Your Organization Post-COVID, with Luis Demetrio Gomez

November 12, 2020
In this session, Luis will explore the framework for how to accomplish what your organization needs. The basic steps are to gather data, prioritize the “right things to do,” find gaps, then allocate time and money. Luis effectively offers a handbook for rebooting your organization.

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Joe Hernandez

What Everyone Needs to Know About Negotiation, with Joe Hernandez

April 22, 2021
Negotiation expert, award-winning speaker, and Daniels Executive Education Faculty Member Joe Hernandez shares key points we all need to know about negotiation.

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