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Graduate Certificates in Governance, Risk and Compliance

Governance, risk and compliance is an area of increasing importance to business, and a growing function within corporations. Whether risks are financial, ethical, legal, reputational or political, they’re having an increasing impact on the operations and very survival of corporations.

The Daniels Graduate Certificates in Governance, Risk and Compliance, which are offered by the Department of Business Ethics & Legal Studies, will give you the skills and knowledge to anticipate, analyze and manage risk, without the commitment of a full master’s degree.

Courses are available days and evenings, and you can complete your certificate at your own pace.

We offer two certificate options.

Specialized Graduate Certificate (4 courses, 16 credit hours)
With this specialized graduate certificate, you will gain a foundation of knowledge to work in the areas of compliance or risk management in a variety of industries or government agencies. The certificate builds on content in business law that examines the judicial process and legal reasoning and expands to ethics, corporate crime, fraud and corporate governance.

You’ll take four foundational courses:

  • MBA 4610 Business Law and Public Policy
  • ACTG 4620 Accounting Ethics
  • LGST 4701 White Collar and Corporate Crime
  • LGST 4760 CEOs and Corporate Governance

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Graduate Certificate (6 courses, 24 credit hours)

The advanced 6-course certificate includes the four foundational courses plus two additional elective courses.

For your electives, you’ll choose between topics such as:

  • Information Privacy
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business Analytics
  • Employment Law and Human Resources Risks
  • Global Business and Human Rights
  • International Business Law
  • Creating a Sustainable Enterprise



$1,461 per credit hour 
$5,844 per course

Tuition for Daniels College of Business graduate programs is based on a cost-per-credit hour rate set by the University of Denver. Residents and non-residents of Colorado have the same tuition costs. The rate above is for 2020–2021.


Financial Aid

Federal financial aid is available for 6-course graduate certificates. Contact a graduate advisor for more information.

4-course vs. 6-course certificates

Do I want a 4-course or 6-course certificate?

The 4-course specialized certificate lets you quickly earn a credential with four tightly focused foundation courses that build your skills in a specific area. This certificate is not eligible for federal financial aid.

The 6-course advanced certificate starts with the same foundation courses, then adds two more courses that either delve into the foundation topics in more depth or allow you to explore electives. It's designed for students looking to develop more extensive skills or planning to pursue a master's degree. The 6-course certificate is eligible for federal financial aid.

Both certificates have the same application process and per-hour tuition rate, and credits from either certificate can be applied toward a master's degree.



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See the Daniels Graduate Certificates page for information about how to apply, transferring credits to a master's degree and more.


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Please visit DU’s COVID-19 website and subscribe to @uofdenver Twitter for updates regarding COVID-19.