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Daniels Graduate Certificates

A Daniels Graduate Certificate lets you quickly gain new skills and knowledge to advance or shift your career. Earn a valuable credential at your own speed or take the first steps toward a master’s degree at the Daniels College of Business. 

Daniels Graduate Certificates offer:

  • Challenging courses and experienced faculty from Daniels’ master’s programs
  • Support and advising from graduate student services
  • Free lifelong career support from Daniels Career Services
  • Access to Daniels’ powerful alumni network 40,000 people worldwide
  • A streamlined application process if you decide to apply your credits toward a master’s degree

Available Certificates

Daniels currently offers the following certificates for students who aren’t currently enrolled in a master’s program. Both 4-course and 6-course certificates are available in each subject.

Daniels also offers a certificate in Supply Chain Management jointly with the University of Denver’s University College and Transportation Institute.

degree / certificate PAthways

Certificates are flexible, and there are several ways they can fit into your education at Daniels. If you start with a certificate, you can choose to continue on and complete a master’s program. Or if you’re a master’s degree student, you can add a certificate to your qualifications before or after you graduate.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to a certificate program, you must submit:

  • $50 application fee (Waivers are available for: current University of Denver students and alumni, current University of Denver employees, current and former members of the U.S. military, current and former members of the Peace Corps, current and former members of AmeriCorps, current and former members of Teach for America, and current and former members of the McNair Scholars program)
  • Bachelor’s degree transcripts with a minimum 2.5 GPA (Though unofficial transcripts are accepted for review,
    official transcripts will be required if admitted.)
  • Professional resume
  • Essay describing your background and goals for the certificate (maximum 250 words)

Applicants may be required to complete an admissions interview on a case-by-case basis. Certificate students are not required to submit references or GMAT/GRE test scores.

To start the application process, create an account in our online application system.

Application Deadlines

We accept applications on a rolling basis. Students can begin a certificate program in any quarter.

Please submit your application as soon as possible to help our team provide smooth onboarding into our programs.

Transferring credits to a master’s degree

If you want to want to continue your studies after you finish your certificate, you can apply your credits toward one of Daniels’ MBA or specialized master’s programs.

You must earn a B or better in all classes in order to transfer your credits to a master’s degree program. 




$1,490 per credit hour 
$5,960 per course

Tuition for Daniels College of Business graduate programs is based on a cost-per-credit-hour rate set by the University of Denver. Residents and non-residents of Colorado have the same tuition costs. The rate above is for the 2020–2021 academic year (Fall through Summer quarters).


Financial Aid

Federal financial aid is available for 6-course graduate certificates. Contact a graduate advisor for more information.

4-course vs. 6-course certificates

Do I want a 4-course or 6-course certificate?

The 4-course specialized certificate lets you quickly earn a credential with four tightly focused foundation courses that build your skills in a specific area. This certificate is not eligible for federal financial aid.

The 6-course advanced certificate starts with the same foundation courses, then adds two more courses that either delve into the foundation topics in more depth or allow you to explore electives. It's designed for students looking to develop more extensive skills or planning to pursue a master's degree. The 6-course certificate is eligible for federal financial aid.

Both certificates have the same application process and per-hour tuition rate, and credits from either certificate can be applied toward a master's degree.



Contact Us

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