We changed the game. And it will change your life.

Top corporate recruiters are desperate for skills many traditional MBA programs can’t deliver. There’s an urgent need for high performers. Strong communicators. Creative thinkers who can adapt to a changing world. Developing these skills requires something different. Something revolutionary. We call it the Daniels Difference.

We reinvented our MBA program to position you for success in today’s marketplace. The Denver MBA focuses on core business challenges, not just core business courses. As you tackle a new challenge each quarter, you’ll be immersed in the real world, working with real businesses. Along the way, you’ll build a powerful network and receive the customized leadership development needed to accelerate your career and change your life.

We send you to the top of recruiters’ lists, ready for anything.

  • Challenge-driven Education: Take on real world business challenges in the real world via action-based learning.
  • Market-readiness: Hit the ground running, armed with knowledge and tools from programs that directly align with marketplace expectations and opportunities.
  • Leadership and legacy: Find your greatness at Daniels, where we have more than 100 years of business leadership development.


92% of Recruiters Say Proven Performance is a Top Factor in Hiring

GMAC 2015 Recruiter Survey

You will prove yourself And improve yourself.

When you emerge from Daniels, you will be prepared. You will have spent 20 months succeeding, falling short and trying again, fueled by feedback from your personal leadership coach. You will have new confidence and emotional intelligence. Your quant and tech skills will be honed for action. And you will have an edge on the competition that will serve you throughout your career.


Proven Performance


Communication Skills


Tech & Quant Skills

Forbes ranks Denver #1 for business & careers.

Groundbreaking lessons get real.

A five-day ramp-up plunges you into real world, challenge-based learning. You will team-build and craft your Personal Growth Agenda. Then the excitement begins:

Four challenges. One internship. A lifetime of leadership power.

Launch a startup and step into the shoes of an outside consultant. Get resourceful for a budget-strapped non-profit or NGO. Work with local corporations to solve problems and implement strategic solutions. You’ll even travel across the globe to take on a major business concern. With each Challenge, your Personal Growth Agenda refocuses, producing exponential growth. A three month summer internship or corporate project puts the polish on your newfound strengths and places you ahead of the pack.

Denver MBA graduates are proven performers. You are tasked with solving real world challenges long before you graduate.

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