Undergraduate Programs


A Business Degree for Every Calling

Every career path requires business acumen to understand and apply the technology, terminology and techniques of today’s best business practices.

With multiple bachelor’s degree programs and minors, Daniels students can study nearly any facet of business and combine various fields of study to pursue multiple disciplines. The breadth of our program offerings ensures that we have something for every prospective career path.

Non-business majors can also pursue select business minors. When you complement your chosen major with a business minor, you open up new career opportunities and distinguish yourself in the job market.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

In addition to developing fundamental business knowledge and skills sought after by employers, you’ll complete specialized courses and hands-on learning in your chosen major. Bachelor of science in business administration (BSBA) majors are:

Bachelor of Science in Accounting (BSAcc)

The BSAcc is an intense degree program that immerses students in accounting practices and technologies. Most students also earn a Master of Accountancy in five years with our 3/2 program. » Learn more about the BSAcc

Minors for Business Majors

Given the depth and breadth of Daniels degree offerings, you can complement your business major with a minor in a different business discipline to create a degree plan tailored to your career interests and aspirations.

Minors for Non-Business Majors

A business minor can open up new career opportunities and distinguish you in the job market.

The Daniels Business Core

Daniels students begin taking the Business Core in the first quarter of their first year to provide them with a solid foundation that is built upon during students’ time at Daniels. The Business Core not only provides students with the necessary framework for a career in business by covering the functional areas of business; it also provides students with the problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills required for success in today’s dynamic business environment.

First Year Experience

A Real Life Entrepreneurial Challenge
Calling all student entrepreneurs! The Fourth Industrial Revolution gives you the chance to live and breathe the creation of a business. You will design a new product, write a business plan and present your team’s idea to a panel of judges.

Immersion in Analytical Thinking and Technical Expertise
While completing the Data Analytics Sequence, you’ll learn how to inspect, clean and model data to guide business decisions. All Daniels students become certified in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Professional Development that Sets You Apart The Daniels Professional Development Program (DPDP) is a required part of the curriculum created to prepare students for success before and after graduation.

Understanding the Importance of Behavior in Organizations Have you ever wondered why some organizations thrive while competitors with the same technology and capital resources fail? In Leading Organizations, you learn about the human elements that foster organizational success.

First Year Core Courses:

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Analytics I: Data & Analysis (Excel certification)
  • Analytics II: Statistics & Analysis (Word and PowerPoint certification)
  • Leading Organizations
  • Daniels Professional Development Program Part I

Second Year Experience

A Strategic Business Communications Course Designed with the Market in Mind
Recruiters and employers make it plain in survey after survey: they want to hire business students with excellent writing and speaking skills. In our Strategic Business Communication course you’ll practice crafting and executing masterful speeches, pitches and presentations.

Develop your Ethical Compass
Students taking Foundations of Business Law will participate in Ethics Boot Camp (EBC). Within a cohort of 12 students, you’ll work with business leaders and faculty to implement a community service project.

Second Year Core Courses:

  • Introduction to Financial Reporting
  • Accounting for Decision Making
  • Strategic Business Communication
  • Financial Decision Making
  • Analytics III: Business Modeling
  • Foundations of Business Law (Ethics Boot Camp)
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Daniels Professional Development Program Part II

Third Year Experience

Global Exploration
Approximately 70 percent of Daniels students choose from 150 universities in 55 countries to study abroad.

Profits and Stakeholder Value Go Together
In Business for the Public Good, the culminating experience of the Daniels Core, you’ll explore how business fits into the larger society. You will work in teams to address a real-world problem while considering issues such as corporate social responsibility, privacy and technology. At the conclusion of the course, you’ll present your solution to a panel of experts.

Third Year Core Courses:

  • Business for the Public Good
  • Business Policy & Strategy
  • Internship Experience
  • Study Abroad

Fourth Year Experience

Focus on your major coursework and meet with our career counselors to secure a job or talk with our academic advisors about graduate school options.

Daniels Professional Development Program

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Becoming a leader in the business world requires an understanding beyond the classroom. This is why we have created the Daniels Professional Development Program (DPDP) to help you achieve success by fine tuning leadership skills, ethical development and business communication.

The DPDP is a required component of the Daniels Core Curriculum with the purpose of ensuring that all students have the opportunity to learn outside of traditional coursework. Engage in experience-based learning activities that are designed to contribute to your success.

In BUS 1099 and 2099, you will:

  • Create a polished resume and upload it to Pioneer Careers, which will connect you to more than 1,800 professionals across a variety of fields and positions.
  • Write a cover letter aimed at a desired internship.
  • Review Daniels’ major and minor offerings to learn which major is right for you.
  • Conduct an informational interview to expand your professional network.
  • Participate in a mock interview and receive real time feedback.
  • Explore the job and internship search process and gather strategies for success.
  • Create a professional LinkedIn Profile to begin your networking.

Daniels Distinction Program

The Daniels Distinction program is designed for high-performing undergraduates to pursue recognition as truly distinct business students. There are two options for students: a portfolio or a thesis.

The Daniels Distinction Portfolio option allows students to pursue experiential learning opportunities they deem valuable in helping them achieve their professional goals. Daniels Distinction portfolio students work closely with a Daniels faculty portfolio advisor to develop a unique plan of in-depth business experiences. Students use the portfolio to collect evidence of those in-depth business experiences, connect their experiences, and reflect upon their growth as a business student and professional.

The Daniels Distinction Thesis option allows students to embark on an in-depth research topic or project to augment classroom learning and contribute new knowledge to a field. Engaging in original research sets students apart by showing prospective employers or graduate schools an example of high work ethic, commitment to going beyond usual expectations, and strong potential for future work and growth.

Contact Rachel Lim, assistant director of undergraduate programs, at rachel.lim@du.edu with any questions.

Study Abroad

The DU and Daniels value the academic and cultural value of international experiences. In fact, more than 70 percent of DU undergraduates spend a quarter or longer studying abroad.

The numerous opportunities to study abroad include:

  • The Cherrington Global Scholars Program allows eligible student to study abroad at no additional cost beyond that of a term at DU apart from personal expenses such as local transportation, books and optional excursions.
  • More than 150 DU programs allow students to study abroad for a quarter, semester or academic year. Most of the programs are eligible for the Cherrington Global Scholarship.
  • Short-term faculty-led programs that are not part of Cherrington, including International Service Learning programs, are also available.
  • Non-DU study-abroad programs that fit a student’s academic objectives are available on an individually approved basis.

For more information, contact DU’s Study Abroad office at duabroad@du.edu.