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Sales Leadership Center

About the SLC

The Sales Leadership Center is dedicated to the education, training and development of sales leaders and the discovery and dissemination of sales knowledge. We accomplish this through curriculum, competitions and events for students, as well as performing research and scholarship.

We serve as a crucial conduit between the University of Denver and the private sector, creating partnerships that focus on solving problems related to sales research, education and recruiting.

The SLC has five main objectives:

  1. Identify challenges in organizational recruiting, hiring and retaining sales professionals.
  2. Attract students and faculty from across the university to collaborate on sales-based research and curricular activities.
  3. Offer innovative coursework to prepare students for sales careers in financial services technology and other sectors.
  4. Educate students, faculty, parents, the public and business leaders through sales competitions, conferences, classes and events
  5. Bridge the gap between personal selling scholarship and sales professionals.

Sales Leadership Minor

The Sales Leadership minor blends innovative sales education with practical sales experience–a combination that enables students to launch and succeed in a career in sales leadership or marketing. The minor is available to all DU undergraduate students, except those pursuing a major or minor in marketing.

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Pioneer Sales Club

The Pioneer Sales Club is a student-run organization that seeks to bring together all DU students who have an interest in professional selling and/or the desire to improve their ability to communicate persuasively and further develop their professional persona and influence. The club is free to join.

The Pioneer Sales Club is dedicated to advancing sales knowledge and professionalism for students of all majors. Its goals are:

  • To offer students the opportunity to build a foundation of knowledge in specialized sales education and selling techniques
  • To offer students the opportunity to learn from and network with leading professionals in the sales industry
  • To recruit, train, and populate the PSC sales team for the internal and external competitions the university runs or attends each year
  • To promote friendly, productive relationships among students and faculty across all disciplines and majors as well as with business professionals


Please contact Professor Michele Cunningham for membership information. 

Mission Statement

The Sales Leadership Center is dedicated to making an impact in the world of ideas, students, and communities via creative sales research and education and developing opportunities for career and personal success.

Faculty and staff

Yashar Atefi, PhD


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Michele L. Cunningham

Associate Director

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Recognized as one of the “Top Universities for Professional Sales Education” by the Sales Education Foundation.