You’ve shared our history. Now help us build our future.

Whether you knew it as the School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance, the College of Business Administration or the Daniels College of Business, your alma mater has always been on the leading edge of business education.

At Daniels, we pride ourselves on blazing new trails in teaching and research as well as building relationships and reaching out to the community. We are committed not only to maintaining the highest standards of excellence, but to finding innovative, new paths to continually raise those standards.

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College-wide Funds

  • Daniels in Focus Fund: The annual fund supports innovation, new programs, curriculum, development, faculty research and support, student financial aid and student-life activities.
  • Daniels Alumni Advisory Board Endowed Fund
  • Daniels Faculty Fellowship Fund
  • Daniels Graduate Scholarship Fund
  • Daniels Professional Development Program (DPDP) Programming Fund
  • Daniels Race and Case Fund
  • Daniels Undergraduate Scholarship Fund
  • Bailey Family Business Program Fund

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Department/School Funds

Each department, school or center has a number of funds that support its activities and student aid:

Why Giving Matters

Your gifts help bridge the need gap for future business leaders.

In recent years higher education has faced enormous challenges. Although prospective students still see great value in the DU experience, many wonder whether they are financially able to take on the debt loads often associated with a degree.

“Right now, we’re meeting 85 percent of our students’ demonstrated need. The most competitive schools can meet 100 percent of their students’ demonstrated need because of the endowments they have.”

—Todd Rinehart, Vice-Chancellor for Enrollment

How Students Pay for College

  • Grants & Scholarships 30% 30%
  • Parent Income & Savings 27% 27%
  • Student Borrowing 18% 18%
  • Student Income & Savings 11% 11%
  • Parent Borrowing 9% 9%
  • Relatives & Friends 5% 5%