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The tipping point for your life

As an experienced business leader, the Executive MBA classroom at Daniels is an open road of your own making.

Experience a vibrant, life-changing program—Find fulfillment, leadership insights and meaningful change that are personally and professionally impactful.

Exceptional camaraderie—You will never forget the Team Sail Challenge with your EMBA cohort in San Diego Bay, or the 11-day Global Challenge experience. You will come for the revelations and stay for the fellowship. Gain insights, sharpen leadership skills and realize new business models and strategies.  Learn from your EMBA mentors and peers, and they will learn from you.

Fast-paced and immediately relevant—Earn your MBA in just 18-months while balancing career demands and your Colorado lifestyle. This program is ideal for the 9+ year working professional, is strategically focused, and efficient.

Personalized service with all-inclusive tuition—We take care of the details so you can focus on learning. Our all-inclusive tuition of $97,200 includes books, fees, food on class days and all travel expenses associated with the two required trips. Financial aid, scholarship, and military benefits (if applicable) are available, and we will guide you through the process.

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Can a Teacher be a Boat?

The Daniels Difference

Can a classroom be on the water? Can a teacher be a boat? The Executive MBA Team Sail Challenge occurs up front—just five weeks into our 18-month program. This unique gateway experience is a leadership laboratory, where students practice concepts learned in the classroom. Team dynamics, continuous change, resilience, reliance on others and shared success relate directly to business. The bonds that form on the water act as a catalyst for collaboration in the EMBA classroom.

A worldview is an essential View

Conducting business outside the United States involves a unique set of challenges: diverse cultures, ethical frameworks, business expectations and language barriers.

The Executive MBA global challenge is about developing a mindset in two countries of your cohort’s choosing. The Global Business course affords you a hands-on understanding of global markets, to conduct industry analysis, and to identify strategic opportunities.

Secondary research conducted on campus is paired with primary research in-country. You will experience a transformative change in global perspective that will impact your domestic thought as well.

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