Master of Science in Management

In this highly customizable one-year program, you’ll build a strong foundation of business skills and leadership courses, while developing specialized skills in your field of choice. When you complete your degree, you’ll also have earned a graduate certificate credential to add to your resume.

Develop a strong foundation of critical business skills

Take a deep dive into an industry you’re passionate about

Learn to lead

Master’s in Management Program Snapshot

Academic Term

10-week quarters

Entry Point

Fall quarter (September)
Spring quarter (March)

Program Length

10 months

Graduate Certificate Options

Earn one of Daniels’ in-person or online graduate certificates in the specialized field of your choice

Julia Broberg

Julia Broberg

Master's in Management, 2023

I have come to understand that the combination of theoretical studies and real-life experience helps me consolidate knowledge, and the MSM program at Daniels offers me hands-on learning and a challenging assortment of courses

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Master’s in Management Curriculum

At Daniels, you’ll learn by doing. Your journey will start using the Colorado Rockies as your classroom. You’ll finish your journey using the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom by solving a challenge provided by a Denver corporation.

The first courses in the MSM degree program curriculum provide a strong grounding in business fundamentals like marketing concepts, finance, business analytics and accounting. Then, you’ll develop specialized knowledge in the industry that most interests you by earning a graduate certificate. Finally, you’ll learn to use your knowledge to lead, with courses focused on leading teams and organizations.

Students don’t need to have a background in business to excel in this program—see how an MSM degree took one alumna from psychology major to project manager.

Capstone Project

Get hands-on experience with Denver organizations and businesses. Students will have the opportunity to consult with a business or nonprofit in order to meet their problems with solutions suitable to pass the market test. Recent capstone projects include:

  • Improving customer service for Frontier Airlines
  • Developing DEI strategy for Western Union
  • Improving Processes for Comcast Effectv
  • Helping Crocs hire the right talent

You’ll graduate having completed a consulting project for an organization. This real-world experience is something you’ll want to share with prospective employers.

Master’s in Management Program Tuition

Base tuition (2023–2024): $72,540   |   Typical scholarship range (% of tuition): 10-60%*

* Scholarships are based on academic record, testing and employment credentials, and are not guaranteed. Contact or 303-871-3416 for more information.

Launching Your Career

The MSM program includes a partnership between Daniels Career Services and Denver companies to teach you the business critical tools that are used today to make important decisions. In addition, each student will work one-on-one with Daniels Career Services to define their own career path and go-to-market plan.

Some MSM graduates go on to work in a variety of management positions, while others become analysts or consultants, or even join the public or nonprofit sectors.

Real-World Work With BONA

All MSM students complement their in-class work by solving business problems with a Denver company.

For example, in Spring 2021 the MSM students engaged with Bona U.S. headquarters to learn about an opportunity the company wanted to explore that involved a new product and new markets.

Students researched and developed a market feasibility report and presented their findings and recommendations to executives of Bona.

The students got first-hand experience in problem-solving, product and market research, and presenting to an executive-level audience, which included getting immediate feedback on their work.

Why The Daniels College of Business

Consulting Projects.
Your classroom time is balanced with hands-on work in local and worldwide businesses.

Customize your learning experience and delve deep into the industry that interests you by selecting one of many available graduate certificates.

Springboard Tools and Career Services.
You’ll gain the critical tools you need to thrive in today’s business world. You’ll also work one-on-one with Daniels Career Services to define your own go-to-market plan.

You’re in a thriving, entrepreneurial city with a huge business and alumni network.

Graduate Certificates

The Master’s in Management program is unique in that it not only allows you to specialize in a particular industry, but also lets you earn a formal academic credential as you do.

There is a wide range of graduate certificates offered by Daniels and many offered by DU’s University College, with both in-person and online options. Examples of eligible certificates include:

Digital Marketing (in person)
Corporate Finance (in person)

Construction Project Management (in person)
Digital Transformation (online)
Supply Chain Management (online)

Outdoor Recreation Industry Leadership (online)

Earn a formal academic credential while specializing in a specific industry

Career Opportunities with a Master’s in Management

The management and business skills provided by an MSM degree can be applied in nearly any industry. You can apply the skills you’ve learned to advance your career and take the next step into leadership roles. Alternatively, some graduates become analysts and consultants.

Companies That Hired Recent MSM Degree Graduates

How to Apply to the Master of Science in Management

We welcome applicants from all professional backgrounds and academic disciplines. No prior work experience—or background in business—is required. To apply, you must submit:

  • Official college transcript(s)
  • Professional resume
  • Essays
  • $100 application fee

GMAT or GRE scores are optional. If you determine that your application will be stronger with GMAT or GRE scores, please submit them when you apply.

All accepted students are automatically considered for scholarships. No additional application is needed.

Visit our graduate admissions page for more information about application requirements.

MSM Degree Program FAQs

What is a master’s in management degree?

A Master of Science in Management (MSM) is a specialized master’s degree that balances business and leadership skills with expertise in a specific space, such as supply chain management or digital marketing. In the process of completing the degree, students also earn a graduate certificate in their chosen area of focus.

What can I do with a master’s in management?

Graduates with a master’s degree in management can go on to work in nearly any industry. Graduates can take on roles such as human resources manager, advertising manager, public relations manager, general operations manager, sales manager and many more.

Many students find it beneficial to overlay this degree with a specific industry focus or background. For example, we often see undergraduate engineers complete this degree to gain leadership and business skills that enhance their overall performance as they enter the job market.

How is the Master of Science in Management different than an MBA?

A master’s in management is a shorter specialized degree in leadership and organizational management. It doesn’t cover the breadth of knowledge found in a generalist degree like the MBA. Learn more about the difference between an MSM and an MBA.

If you’re deciding between both programs, we encourage you to reach out to a graduate admissions advisor at We can help you make the best decision to fit your career goals.

What types of leadership training will I receive?

You’ll take courses dedicated to leading teams and organizations. These courses, in combination with the strong foundation you’ll receive in fundamental business concepts, will prepare you to be a well-rounded, ethical leader.

Can you tell me more about the consulting project I’ll do in the program?

You’ll consult with a Denver business or nonprofit to find solutions to their problems that will pass the market test.

For example, recent projects have included:

  • Improving customer service for Frontier Airlines
  • Developing a DEI strategy for Western Union
  • Improving processes for Comcast Effectv
  • Helping Crocs hire the right talent

Have other questions? Contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at or 303-871-3416.

Connect with a Management Master’s Student

Our graduate student ambassadors are happy to talk with you about their experience in the MSM degree program. Feel free to email them with your questions—or arrange a time to come to the beautiful University of Denver campus and meet them.

Master of Science in Management
Graduate Student Ambassador
Master of Science in Management
Graduate Student Ambassador