Master of Science in Management

A Business Degree That Puts You on the Fast-Track to a Leadership Role

At Daniels, we believe that all professionals have a need to enhance their personal and professional leadership. We also understand that it is difficult to get ahead in any career without an understanding of business fundamentals and organizational management skills. The Master’s of Science (MS) in Management program is designed to teach students the organizational and leadership skills needed to succeed.


Apply today. The Round 2 Spring Deadline is on December 1. The Round 2 Fall 2018 Deadline is on January 15.

Join students who come to Daniels from across the U.S. and around the world for a rigorous business education.

Admissions Information

“I chose Daniels because of the experience it offered over other schools. From my first day on campus, I was treated as a person, not just another student. I was asked about what I wanted to get out of the program, what my goals were and they helped me achieve them.

The hands-on experience of analyzing a company’s financial statements in relation to their marketing strategies was the equivalent of 10 years of on-the-job training in one year. I have never learned so much in such a short time frame.”

– Matthew Hickey, MSM| Founder & Managing Partner, ePRepsolutions, LLC

Courses & Electives

The MS Management is a 45-credit hour program that is only 10 months long. The program begins with a week-long base camp, then 10 weeks on the foundations of business and management, 10 weeks on the dynamics of management, followed by 10 weeks of management in action culminating in a Summit Team Competition.

Degree Plan

Course Descriptions

Course Sequence

Experiential Learning

Get out of the classroom and into the field. Emerge ready to lead—adaptable to new situations and well-versed in both big-picture strategic thinking and cross-functional intricacies.

  • Visit companies and job shadow with managers.
  • Learn directly from middle management and boardroom executive speakers.
  • Participate in exciting competitions including Base Camp Launch Team Challenge and Summit Team Competition.
  • Attend Management Friday’s Toolkits where you will learn helpful topics such as how to run a meeting, micro communication, digital interaction, recognizing and capturing opportunities, political maneuvering and more.

Connect With Us

Connect with an admissions manager, program director or graduate student ambassador to learn more about the Management program. You can also attend an admissions event or contact Graduate Admissions & Academic Services at or +1 303.871.3416.

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MS Management Candidate
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