Orchestrate A Business for Results

To make a business or organization successful, ineffective management is not an option. Learn a multi-disciplinary approach to develop processes, make projects run smooth and have it all facilitated by a fulfilled team.

  • Design effective processes. Go deep into discovering what makes a process successful. Your challenge is that every organization, and every individual, has its own process which you will respect and understand.
  • Hone your skills. Strategic decision-making, developing organizational talent, financial know-how, business ethics and organizational accountability will be in your personal toolbox.
  • Learn to lead. Earn respect and credibility. You will become an effective manager when you learn that to lead is to provide a service to followers.

Savvy. Frugality. Grit.
Our Underlying Management Theme

Are managers born or made? The Department of Management believes in both.
There is no doubt you can manage a business organization. Leadership qualities in business are rarely heroic; they are more often pragmatic. These three words persistently rise to the top of our research and instruction:

Be Savvy—Take the time to understand process—what seems to be going on and what is really going on.

Be Frugal—Spend-thrifts burn out fast. You must know when to take calculated risks.

Have Grit—Stick to what you think is right, but when you fail – as you inevitably will – have the fortitude to stand up, dust yourself off and keep going toward your goals.

You will have hands-on experiences to learn these intangibles from Daniels and become an outstanding manager.

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