University Admission Process

Applicants who wish to pursue an undergraduate business major at Daniels must first apply to, and be accepted by, the University of Denver. When applying for admission, select business as your intended major.

Direct admission—Qualified students will be considered for direct admission to Daniels when accepted to the University. Their application to the University is considered their application to Daniels.

Transfer students—Transfer student applicants are considered for admission to Daniels after they are accepted to the University. Their application to the University is also considered their application to Daniels.

Daniels Pre-Business Pathways

The Pre-business Pathways are the routes current undergraduate students follow to apply to the College. Enrolled DU students who weren’t directly admitted to Daniels can apply once they have successfully completed prerequisite coursework in addition to meeting the GPA standards. The Pre-Business Pathways support academic quality, small and engaged classes, and strong student-faculty connections. Use the Pre-business Pathway Planning Worksheet to make sure you’ve met all the requirements before you submit your application to Daniels as an enrolled student.

Application cycles are offered in Fall, Winter and Spring quarters. Students should work with a Daniels advisor to ensure appropriate timing of their application.

Financial aid

We know affordability is one of the biggest issues students face as they start their undergraduate education, so Daniels and the University of Denver are available as resources to help you receive the best financial aid package you can.

The University offers 100% of admitted undergraduates a grant or scholarship. On top of these scholarships, the Daniels College of Business awards over $2 million in renewable scholarship funds to Daniels students each year, with awards ranging from $1,000 to more than $10,000 per year.

Applying for financial aid

  • Merit scholarships—All Daniels candidates are automatically considered for both University and Daniels scholarships when they apply to the University of Denver. No additional application is required.
  • Need-based aid—Eligibility for need-based grants, scholarships and loans is based on your and your family’s financial situation. To be considered for need-based aid, you need to submit a FAFSA form (for federal and state aid) and CSS Profile (for institutional aid). The FAFSA must be submitted by Feb. 1 for the upcoming academic year.

For more information about the types of financial aid availability, the application process and deadlines, see DU’s Undergraduate Financial Aid page.

    We’re here to help

    If you have questions about financial aid or need assistance, Daniels financial aid staff are available to help. Contact us at or 303.871.2438.

    “In high school, I knew even my acceptance at DU was still going to be something to really ponder because the biggest question was, how are we going to pay for this? And it wasn’t until I received my financial aid award letter, as well as notifications from other scholarships, that as soon as I saw all those digits come to zero, I was left speechless. Because I knew that I was given this golden ticket. It was my opportunity to really embark on something that will have a generational change and effect.”

    —Oliver Martinez-Reyes, BAcc 2020, MAcc 2021

    Visit Campus

    There are a number of options for visiting our campus, in person or virtually, through DU’s Office of Undergraduate Admission. Be sure to request a meeting with the Daniels College of Business when scheduling!

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