Admission Process

Applicants who wish to pursue an undergraduate business major at Daniels must first apply to, and be accepted by, the University of Denver. The application to the university serves as the Daniels College of Business application. When applying for admission, select business as your intended major. A number of qualified students will be considered for direct admission to Daniels when accepted to the University of Denver. Applicants not directly admitted apply to Daniels via the secondary admission process, as an enrolled student, upon successful completion of pre-requisite coursework.

Daniels Secondary Admission Process

The Daniels secondary admission process supports academic quality, small and engaged classes, and strong student-faculty connections. Most students apply in their second year. A holistic assessment of each applicant is conducted by evaluating students’ academic performance and career readiness components.

For detailed information on the secondary admission process, including upcoming deadlines, please review the secondary admission handbook.

Application Cycles

Application cycles are offered in fall, winter, and spring quarters. Students are encouraged to work with a Daniels advisor to ensure appropriate timing of their application.