Meghan Dimsa

Executive MBA
Graduate Student Ambassador

Meghan Dimsa


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Why did you choose Daniels?

I chose this school based on the program offering that was specifically designed for career professionals seeking to either advance knowledge or change careers. The professors are renowned, and it was an honor to have this opportunity.

Previous Education

West Virginia University: undergrad in sport and exercise psychology
Bowling Green State University: MS in exercise physiology and sport psychology
Georgetown University: executive master’s in leadership
Creighton University: doctorate in interdisciplinary leadership

Pre-Grad School Experience

Prior to joining Daniels’ EMBA program, I began my undergraduate education studying sport and exercise psychology at West Virginia University, where I laid the foundation for my passion for human performance and well-being. I continued this work at Bowling Green State University, where I also focused on sport psychology paired with exercise physiology.

My professional career began at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where I spent four years honing my skills and advancing in the field of health and wellness. Still seeking opportunities to expand my impact, I took a job at Georgetown University, where I started as the assistant director of fitness and eventually advanced to serve as the executive director of campus recreation health and wellness. During that time, I completed an executive master’s in leadership degree from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.

After that, I continued to complete a doctorate in interdisciplinary leadership at Creighton University. My career path eventually led me to Colorado, where I initially assumed the role of director of health promotion. More recently, I made a significant career transition to serve as the executive director of strategy and communication, where I continue to leverage my diverse background and expertise.

Post Grad School Goal

Having just made a career transition, I am elated to be in the EMBA program, where I can directly apply the skills, I have learned. Once completing this degree, I hope to continue work at the University of Denver in this capacity.


I love music (all forms), animals, snowboarding, hiking and anything outdoors. Additionally, I enjoy riding my Harley-Davidson around Colorado.