Aya Moustafa

The Denver MBA
Graduate Student Ambassador

Aya Moustafa


Cairo, Egypt

Why did you choose Daniels?

I chose Daniels for several compelling reasons. Firstly, the program’s inclusion of real-life case studies greatly appealed to me. Furthermore, the opportunity to travel to another country and work on these case studies is an invaluable experience that sets Daniels apart. Additionally, I was impressed by the school’s strong commitment to diversity and its welcoming environment, which aligns with my values and priorities.

Previous Education

Bachelor of business administration with a concentration in marketing from the American University in Cairo.

Pre-Grad School Experience

Before attending Daniels, immediately following graduation, I worked as an account executive at Memac Ogilvy, an international advertising agency. In this role, I managed clients such as Mondelez, Chevron, Philips and IKEA. Subsequently, I held the position of marketing communication specialist at LG Electronics, where I oversaw all marketing activities, including PR, offline advertising, online advertising and LG’s website.

Post Grad School Goal

After completing my studies at Daniels, I am eager to join a multinational consulting firm such as McKinsey. I am deeply interested in collaborating with corporations to address specific bottlenecks they may encounter.


My hobbies include listening to music, occasionally singing, cooking and traveling around the world.