Qiaohui Li

The Denver MBA
Graduate Student Ambassador

Qiaohui Li


Shenyang, China

Why did you choose Daniels?

I chose Daniels because it places a strong emphasis on real-world experiences. Students often work on projects with local businesses, gaining practical insights and honing their problem-solving skills. Furthermore, it offers international study opportunities, helping me gain a global business perspective—a valuable asset in today’s interconnected world. In addition, in the six months that I have been at Daniels, I have experienced extreme human care. Everyone here is very empathetic and thinking about your future. This is a very warm place.

Previous Education

BA in real estate management in Beijing Normal University and master’s in project management at  Hong Kong Poly University

Pre-Grad School Experience

After I completed my master’s degree in Hong Kong, I became involved in commercial real estate development in China. I am very proud to have worked for China Resources and Kerry Group, two of the top companies in China, for almost a decade. I have witnessed the flourishing of business in China over the past decade, and I have learned a lot by working with outstanding representatives of various industries. However, I hope to have a more international vision, so I chose to participate in the MBA program in the United States.

Post Grad School Goal

I hope to have a deeper experience of the employment environment in the United States after graduation, and the MBA program combined with my past work experience is a good starting point. I hope to work with American companies that have a relationship with China, and I believe Daniels’ strong alumni network will be a great help to me.


I like sports and music. I like indoor and outdoor sports such as golf, skiing, swimming and diving. I have been practicing Pilates for years. At the same time, I also like piano, so I have many common topics to share with you.