Andrea Barvi

The Denver MBA
Graduate Student Ambassador

Andrea Barvi


Rome, Italy

Why did you choose Daniels?

I chose Daniels because it’s one of the first established business schools in the U.S. and for the quality of the program with its continuous focus on business challenges. Also, it’s part of the University of Denver, a private and well-known university in the West.

Previous Education

Master’s in institutional communication at the Pontifical University of the Santa Croce, in Rome.

Pre-Grad School Experience

Before Daniels, I collaborated for four years with institutions in my country, including the Italian Parliament, which left me with a great passion for the common good.

Post Grad School Goal

I would like to work with international businesses or with public institutions that are looking to develop innovative projects.


I have a passion for astronomy because I am very curious, then I like to read, drive in the mountains and share a glass of wine when evening comes.