Executive Education


Executive Education at the Daniels College of Business has partnered with Quantuvos to deliver personalized one-on-one coaching to professionals at any career level.

Why Coaching?

Leadership is a learned skill that you can develop at any age, and coaching can help. By learning one-on-one with a coach, you can focus specifically on what you need and build important skills to overcome future challenges.

What we offer

  • Individual coaching—Sessions customized to each student’s unique needs
  • An add-on to the Denver Leadership Experience and Accelerated Leadership Experience programs—Coaching that complements and expands on in-class learning
  • Custom leadership programs—Sessions developed to meet the needs of organizations

Getting Started

Whether you’re looking to develop a certain area, looking to support your continued development following a leadership program, or looking to bring coaching to your organization, Quantuvos has an easy 6-step process to get you matched with the right coach and begin your professional growth.