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The most successful businesses today are learning organizations that understand and develop the potential they already possess. Make an investment in developing, teaching and guiding the talent already working within your organization.

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Your program can be developed in any format, over any time frame, and include any topic. We have been doing this for a long, long time and have found that our programs typically fall into three types:

Transformational Leadership Development
This is our sweet spot. We have developed hundreds of comprehensive programs for organizations that want the benefit of bringing their leaders together to solve the organizations most pressing challenges. The best programs include:

  • Support and engagement by the senior leadership team – often the head of the organization won’t attend, but will kick-off the program and set a vision for its success.
  • Participants are identified or nominated by the leadership team and commitment to the entire program is supported and required.
  • A cohort built with people from typically the same level but different job functions and business units in order to promote the transfer of organizational knowledge and the creation of a strong internal network.
  • Format of the program includes a few intensive days separated by an interval where they practice on the job what they learned during the program.
  • Pre-program prep and assignments are meaningful, require participants to identify their specific outcomes and set their intention.
  • Faculty will customize content to your organization, explore similar industries, as well as very different industries in order to spark innovation.
  • Participants work with faculty coaches on either individual or team projects that are scoped for completion by the end of the program, or turned over to the next cohort.
  • Program content is integrated so participants not only gain requisite technical skills, but also identify and strengthen their personal leadership style and their ability to execute. Organizational performance is achieved through the balance of these areas with a solid foundation in ethics and with an awareness of the unique context in which all organizations operate.
Skill Building Badges
We work with organizations to determine the key areas that most of their workforce needs to boost and put together a series of workshops that can be offered at their offices or on-campus. We co-design the levels a person can achieve and create a branded badge for inclusion on LinkedIn.
Team Building
No matter what stage of team formation, we can help you create an experience that will accelerate your team’s performance. Taking advantage of our amazing Colorado location – transformational things can happen for a team when we get you away to a mountain location for a few days. We also know how to have fun, tap into a team’s creativity, and build trust quickly.


of CEOs are making changes to how they develop their leadership pipeline

Innovative. Relevant. Strategic.

Through the Custom Corporate Program, the Daniels College of Business partners with organizations to build innovative leadership programs for their executives and emerging leaders. With a commitment to relevance as our guide, we focus on crafting a program that is tailored to the specific needs, culture and strategy of your organization. The result is a measurable increase in performance.

“Each session the readings are very thought provoking. I can tell that the DU faculty and Comcast Wholesale executives have worked together to really understand the business. I am always amazed with how the readings really align with our business.”

KATHY STAPLETON Sr. Director, Comcast Wholesale

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Executive Director
Executive Education
Joy Burns Center, 307

“There are lots of options out there. We chose Daniels specifically because the faculty was very keen on who we were as a business and what our business challenges were and what we were trying to achieve. And they customized the curriculum to address Level 3’s business challenges.”

Regional President, North America and Asia Pacific, Level 3 Communications