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We partner with organizations to codesign impactful learning experiences that deliver a measurable return on investment. A collaborative process from start to finish, we meet with your organization to understand your existing learning and development initiatives, needs, culture, budget, and identify opportunities for growth.

We’ll then collaborate and devise a tailored solution. We can work with you to supplement/support your existing initiatives, integrate high-value topics into your L&D strategy, or create custom learning experiences built around your business goals. We can also select relevant and cost-effective open enrollment workshops for your team.

Whether it’s a one-day technical workshop on an emerging technology, a two-day team-building offsite, or a six-month leadership development program for high-potential contributors on your team, we’ll provide action-based learning delivered by expert faculty, dedicated program managers, and ongoing support to ensure lasting impact.

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Invest in your organization with tailored learning and development programs directly aligned with your strategic objectives and unique needs. We collaborate as partners to create a program that will empower members of your organization to gain relevant knowledge and expertise that translates to increased performance and effectiveness.


  • Our dedicated faculty and program managers act as program consultants, designing and delivering a program unique to your organizational scope, budget and goals. 
  • With your strategic objectives at the forefront, your program will be insightful, practical, and applicable—ensuring results are visible and immediate.
  • The interactive learning environment allows your employees to foster collaboration and build cohesion within and across teams.
  • Partnering with DU Executive Education allows internal L&D teams to expand internal offerings, while ensuring they align with your organizational culture and unique needs.

Sponsor Employees

for Open Enrollment

Invest in your employees or HIPO talent by sponsoring them to take Executive Education programs. We will meet with your L&D or HR team to align your leadership and skill competencies to our public programs and workshops, and assist you with a strategy for selecting and sending your talent.


  • Employees can upskill and develop on a time schedule that works best for them
  • Programs are designed at a cadence that ensures minimal disruption to organizational workflows.
  • Allows L&D and HR departments to send employees to impactful and reputable learning and development programs without the difficulties of internal implementation
  • Employees learn alongside other professionals giving them different perspectives and insight into shared challenges
  • Discounted pricing available the more employees you sponsor
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Case Study: Comcast Denver Leadership Academy

The Comcast Denver Leadership Academy Program is a nine-month intensive leadership program aimed at director-level, high-performing candidates within Comcast’s leadership.

Created by Executive Education faculty Kerry Plemmons and Todd Porch, in collaboration with Comcast Senior Executives, the program focuses on developing self-awareness, confidence, and decision-making abilities to prepare participants for senior leadership roles.

Topics covered include engagement, culture, execution, design and strategy, and customer experience, with learning activities conducted at the University of Denver and in the Rocky Mountains. Participants apply their learnings to drive innovation, creativity, and increase profitability.

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