Nikeel Iyengar

Nikeel Iyengar

Valencia, California

Area of research interest
The impact of automated processes on the workforce and organizational productivity

Master’s degree
MS in Leadership and Management, University of La Verne

Bachelor’s degree
Liberal Arts, Excelsior University

What are some of your hobbies?
Reading, road biking, hiking, tinkering with single-board computers and time in the mountains



Where did/are you working while earning your PhD?
Analysis and Engineering, Science Applications International Corporation

What is your current position?
Technical Advisor

Why have you decided to pursue a PhD?
Because I have a passion for learning and a desire to make meaningful contributions to both the academic and industrial communities

Why did you choose to get your PhD from the Daniels College of Business?
Due to Daniels’ renowned standing in ethics, integrity and research

What are your career goals or dream job after you complete your PhD?
My goal is to catalyze data-driven changes that enhance employees’ quality of life and elevate organizational productivity, while maintaining uncompromised quality standards. I am also excited about opportunities to teach others about the power of data and research.

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