Garret Stearns

The Denver MBA 2025

Hometown: Round Rock, Texas

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Why did you choose Daniels?

I chose Daniels because of the curriculum’s focus on applying knowledge through real world challenges. Classroom time is great, but in my experience, you don’t truly learn something until you have had a chance to apply that knowledge. And Daniels offers ample opportunity for students to apply what they learned. The location in Denver and being close to the mountains didn’t hurt either.

Previous Education

BA in Supply Chain Management at Texas Christian University

Pre-grad school experience

Before Daniels I was working in pharmaceutical manufacturing, consulting for project management of the verification of computer systems and equipment.

Post-grad school goal

Post-MBA I plan to leverage background in project management with my MBA and concentration in business analytics to transition into a new industry and line of work at a leadership level. 


Snowboarding, hiking, camping, golf and video games