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The Bailey Program for Family Enterprise hosts and shares webinars to expand knowledge and expertise in the areas of family business and family enterprise.

Launched in 2020, webinar topics include resiliency, continuity, risk, and more. Recordings can be found below. We hope these discussions provide you with knowledge that will elevate your family enterprise.

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Roles, Responsibilities & Boundaries

April 5, 2023
Whether family members have been working together for a number of years or a number of generations, having a common and formalized understanding of their working relationship is a key component of their success. Family Business Consultant Joshua Nacht joins us to explain what kind of agreements your family needs, why you need them and how you might go about creating them in this Accelerate Webinar from Daniels Executive Education

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A Conversation on Generational Transition

May 11, 2022
Matt Nielsen, a family member and Co-Owner of Nielsen Massey Vanillas, shares the story of his family’s 100-year journey. His generation has found success by creating their own legacy, one that’s different from the legacy of the founding generation, and by investing in growth and development of the business. You’ll be inspired to successfully transition a family-run business to a professionally-run, value-centric organization.

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The Dynamics of Debt in Family Enterprise

April 13, 2022
Randy Lewis, an award-winning professor at the Daniels College of Business, helps you make better and more informed decisions about the role and impact of debt in family enterprises.

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Tee-Time in Family Business: Transitions, Terminations, Transformations

March 9, 2022
A veteran in the family business space, India Loth has seen it all. Now in the next phase of her life as Owner of Natural Bio Health, India’s story reminds us that it’s never too late to reinvent.

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Family Enterprise Entrepreneurship

February 10, 2022
Tom Hale and his daughter Avery share their respective entrepreneurial journeys that have enabled Backroads to become one of the leading active travel companies in the world. The lessons they have learned along the way both advance family businesses and inspire the transformative entrepreneur in all of us.

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The Resources Your Family Enterprise Needs to Thrive

December 2, 2021
Join Kim Schneider Malek and David Worley explain the resources, community, and programs available to help your family enterprise thrive within the Bailey Program for Family Enterprise.

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Wealth, Risk and the Economy

May 27, 2020
In this roundtable discussion, hosts Scott McLagan and Kim Schneider Malek are joined by special guest Brian Friedman, President/ Co-Founder GHP Investment Advisors to explore wealth, risk, and the economy.

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Transforming Resilience into Business Re-Entry

May 13, 2020
In this roundtable discussion, Scott McLagan and Kim Schneider Malek provide stepping-stones and best practices for effective business re-entry and continuity.

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Family Resilience in a Time of Crisis

April 29, 2020
Adversity can either lead a family enterprise into decline or regeneration. This webinar provides a framework and actionable steps to building resilience in family enterprises, hosted by Scott McLagan and Kim Schneider Malek.

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Leading Family Business in a Time of Crisis

April 15, 2020
In addition to the challenges that most businesses are facing during this crisis, family businesses face complexities associated with the strong integration with the family systems. The good news is that, historically, family businesses have weathered crises better than other businesses due to strong commitment to their values and having a longer-term perspective. Scott McLagan and Kim Schneider Malek lead this roundtable discussion.

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