Bailey Program for Family Enterprise

Peer Forums

Connect with Peer Leaders for Support, Upskilling, and Growth 

You’re a leader who wants to keep growing your personal mastery in business and life.

You want your family dynamic to be a source of strength for your shared enterprise. You wish you had a trusted group of advisors for support, accountability, and problem-solving. Not everyone understands family business, and you’re driven to connect with other local people who do. 

Our Peer Forums are a place where leaders come together to share insights and and experience group coaching while uplifting each other towards their goals. In our  forums, each member becomes both a guide and a learner, fostering a dynamic exchange that propels everyone forward.

Join A Peer Forum

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Peer Forum Purpose

Improve your skills in:
Coaching, leadership, active listening, conflict resolution, family harmony, governance, and succession planning.

Support each other:
 in personal and professional growth (through goal setting, regular check-ins, exploring challenges, sharing insights) to expand self-awareness, competence, and confidence.

Learn from Peers.
Exchange ideas and practice how to best navigate the family dynamic at the heart of your family enterprise

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Peer Forum Facts

Group Size: 7-9 Participants

Investment: $1,400 for a year of forum participation, in addition to $750 ($500 for small business) membership fee (per organization) to the Bailey Program.

Expert Facilitation: Trained group coaching leader facilitating each session, empowering peer coaching.

Time Commitment: Ten, 2.5 hour sessions plus a kickoff dinner event

100% Confidential: Members commit to confidentiality to ensure a safe and supportive container.

Non-solicitation Policy: Selling and self-promotion is prohibited.

Location: Forums are held on the University of Denver campus unless group decides on virtual session

Membership in the Bailey Program for Family Enterprise is required.


Join a Peer Forum

Launching in 2024. Please fill out the Inquiry form to learn more and join the waitlist!

Group coach kickoff dinner

Voices of our Members

“When I took over as President of the company I joined a peer forum.  For me, this group of people has been instrumental in keeping me focused on the right moves, my head clear on priorities, and literally been there with me every step of the way through very dark times.  It has been significant for me to have this outside perspective from my family members and colleagues.” Sarah Treadway 

Our Coaches

Rachel Fagnant-Fassler headshot

Brandon Addison

Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, and Leadership Specialist

About Brandon

Brandon has labored on the human side of executive and organizational leadership for decades, including working with family businesses, coaching Fortune 500 organizations, and leading various clients through transformative change. He guides families and closely held businesses to breakthroughs in their growth and awareness with apt insight and interdisciplinary expertise from psychology, organizational development, and family systems thinking. 

As a seasoned observer of individual, team, and organizational behavior, he aligns family and closely held businesses around the key relationships and purposes that matter most. His commitment is not simply what the family business produces, but who the family is becoming in the process. As a startup entrepreneur, executive leader, and advisor, he brings his professional experience, powerful intuition, and training in psychology, coaching, and organizational change. Brandon has completed advanced studies on the intersection of neuroscience and transformative change and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) of the International Coach Federation (ICF) as well as Certifications in Family Business Advising from the Family Firm Institute. 

Rachel Fagnant-Fassler headshot

Rachel Fagnant-Fassler

President and Co-Owner of CFW Careers

About Rachel

Rachel Fagnant-Fassler has worked with individuals across professional levels and industries. As a coach, Rachel specializes in all aspects of career development, management best practices, and career pathing. Rachel has a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan and earned her MA in Counseling at NYU. She worked in clinical roles in several nonprofit organizations before shifting into the corporate sphere, now coaching hiring managers and executives. Her expertise has informed CFW’s search, coaching and talent consulting services for over a decade.

As both a 3rd-gen and 2nd-gen family business owner (two separate manufacturing companies), Rachel has experienced first-hand the family dynamics that shape family-run organizations and change events within them.

Kenton Epard headshot

Kenton Epard

Founder and CEO of The Nexus Initiative

About Kenton

Kenton Epard is an energetic and curious leader with nearly thirty years of experience. in many businesses, from fast-paced technology startups in Silicon Valley to Fortune 500 companies to family-owned firms to school and church boards.

“I have been a founder, co-founder, operator, board member and entrepreneur. Situationally, I have been involved in rapid growth environments, successful exits, organizational turnarounds, difficult corporate wind-downs, sudden leadership departures, and many more. In short, I’ve seen a lot.

Through my failures and successes, I believe that developing skills in Emotional Intelligence and Mental Agility is foundational to any sustainable definition of happiness and success.  I further believe that proactively seeking out methods or practices from other disciplines, the essence of multidisciplinary thinking, can help improve decision-making and elimate reinventing the wheel.  These beliefs for the basis for the mission of The Nexus Initiative. I am a Certified Executive Coach, a member of the International Coaching Federation, and a certified Genos Emotional Intelligence practitioner.”

ginni galicinao headshot

Ginni Galicinao

Founder at Dynamics of Family Wealth

About Ginni

A Family Dynamics and Family Enterprise Coach and Consultant, Ginni Galicinao has been working with high-net-worth individuals and families and their family businesses/enterprises for over two decades, with a goal of helping families flourish in all areas of their lives. From the first conversations around the meaning and impact of wealth, to empowering the rising generation, to helping couples work through the pre-prenuptial process, and designing educational programs that take the learning process beyond a discussion of trusts and legal documents, her work creates a solid foundation for life-long learning within the family.  

Ginni brings a variety of tools to the table in designing Family Retreats and strategies that match the specific needs of each family. She has been coaching, mediating, facilitating and consulting since 2004. Her background includes extensive experience, training, degrees and certifications in Advanced Family Business Advising, Advanced Family Wealth Advising, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy, Organization and Family Relationship Systems, Executive Coaching, Compassionate Communication, Crucial Conversations, Professional Mediation, and a B.S. in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco. 

Helena Karchere

Helena Karchere

Director of the Bailey Program for Family Enterprise

About Helena

Helena brings an integrative approach to consulting families that combines a career in corporate learning and development and 13 year experience as a personal coach and group facilitator.

Having worked for and with members of her family, she has personally experienced the dynamics involved and wants others to have tools and support for the challenging and rewarding choice of working with family. She is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and certified in Shadow Work ® coaching and Insights Discovery.