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All family enterprises have, at their heart, the relationships and legacy of the family. This is a powerful asset, but it also brings unique challenges. The Bailey Program for Family Enterprise offers quarterly Roundtable events where you learn and connect with others in your community who are embracing similar gifts and challenges as you.

You’ll hear from thought leaders in the field and engage in meaningful networking with other family business founders, their partners, employees, rising generation members and family office executives. With breakout groups and powerful questions, Roundtable events help you turn new insights into actionable plans to help your family thrive.

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“The Dual Language of Work and Home for Enterprising Families”

Tuesday, January 23, 2024 | 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. (breakfast included)

Cost: Free for Members | $35 fee for family enterprises

This session features Beatrice Meyer, MSEd, PHD, an organizational and developmental psychologist. Drawing on her diverse skill set, she’ll explore pathways towards fostering healthy communication strategies within the intricate web of family dynamics. You’ll gain valuable insights into navigating the complexities of familial relationships, both in personal and professional contexts. Don’t miss this opportunity to breakfast, network, and engage in a meaningful dialogue that will enhance your communication skills at work and at home.


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Roundtable Breakfast on “Dual languages of work and home in family enterprises.”

“To love and to work,” was Freud’s answer to the question of what a healthy person needs to be able to do. In family enterprises you have the opportunities and challenges of doing both, on the same day, at home and in the office.

On a pragmatic level, as family members working together, how do we talk with each other in a workplace where tasks must be completed and decisions made? How do we both value our family relationship(s) yet also address business concerns where other, and perhaps competing, values may need to be prioritized? And how do we ensure that we communicate with non-family members in a way that is inclusive and productive?

Informed by interviews with Bailey Program members, Beatrice’s experiences working with families and organizations, and the research on family and organizational communication, we will explore keys to communicating for family enterprises and your own family.

About Our Speaker

Beatrice Meyer, MSEd, PhD, MFT

An organizational and developmental psychologist with training as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) and postdoctoral research that included coaching children, families and teachers, Beatrice guides individuals and teams with a deep understanding of systems, teams, and family dynamics. In both the US and Japan she has successfully delivered on strategic/operational plans, communication training, and staff planning, development and hiring (e.g., private veterinary hospital, 2023-present; family-owned/led businesses, FTC, CO, 2011-2013; Deutsche Bank AG Tokyo Strategic HR, 1994-1998).

In the leadership realm, Beatrice served as the interim-CEO for the American College for Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) during 2018-2019, creating a successful bridge from the past into the future
on both strategic and operational levels, including leading the CEO recruitment process that included a succession plan. More recent projects include delivering professional development, executive coaching,and DEI task force/committee facilitation (Climate and Global Dynamics Lab, NCAR, Boulder, CO, 2020-2022); and an audit and governance change project, including coaching of the Board and senior leadership (family foundation, US, 2022-2023). Beatrice’s work has been described as pragmatic, transformative, and exemplifying stewardship.

BA, Cornell University – Psychology (Chemistry) MSEd

Northwestern University – Organization Development and Workplace Learning PhD

Colorado State University – Human Development and Educational Leadership (HR Studies)


Who Can Attend

Members of the Bailey Program for Family Enterprise and family enterprises are welcome to attend. Non-member families can attend for a $35 fee.

Family advisors may attend one Roundtable event before deciding to apply for Membership or sponsorship, but they will need to pay the $35 fee. For more information, please contact our Director, Helena Karchere at

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