The Entrepreneurship Minor

The Entrepreneurship Minor focuses on action, decision-making, experimentation and hypothesis testing in the face of an uncertain future within a business context. Students who complete the Entrepreneurship Minor will understand how to shape the business, economic, political and social context along with the creation of their products or services.


You’ll get in, get what you need, get out, and get to work

with a cutting-edge skillset developed through the following structure:

  • EVM 3350 (4 Credits, 10 weeks):  From Idea to First $ Sale, Messy Startup, Assumption Testing
  • 1-Credit “Grinds” (12 of them) chosen from:
    • Intellectual Property,
    • The Perfect Pitch,
    • Crowdfunding,
    • Design Thinking,
    • Project Management,
    • Ethics in Entrepreneurship,
    • A/B Testing,
    • Visualizing & Presenting Data,
    • Accounting Basics,
    • Financial Statements,
    • 3D Printing,
    • The Sales Process,
    • Augmented Reality,
    • UI/UX Design,
    • SketchApp & InVision,
    • WordPress & Semplice,
    • Market Discovery,
    • MVP Validation,
    • Branding & Messaging,
    • Image & Video Editing,
    • HTML & CSS,
    • Creating Your Digital Presence,
    • Understanding Contracts,
    • Primary Research,
    • Virtual Reality & 360 Filming,
    • The Cloud,
    • Game Theory & Gamification,
    • Product Liability
  • EVM 3380 (4 Credits, 10 weeks): Sustainable Growth, Partnerships, Acquisition, The Plan

Undergraduate students from any school or college can take the Entrepreneurship Minor. Detailed info about all of the classes in the Entrepreneurship Minor available below.
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