About the Harry Trueblood Innovation Collaboratory

You’ve got a great idea, a passion, a drive to disrupt. Through the Harry Trueblood Innovation Collaboratory at the University of Denver, you’ve got the resources to transform your great idea into a thriving start-up.

Focusing on Design Thinking innovation and market validation to generate industry-disruptive solutions, the Harry Trueblood Innovation Collaboratory offers entrepreneurs like you an exciting environment in which you’ll think, innovate, build and validate—and take your product and services to market. You’ll become a persuasive pitcher. You’ll become a fierce competitor. And along the way you’ll be coached by a team of Daniels’ entrepreneurial experts.

The Harry Trueblood Innovation Collaboratory starts with a competitive pitch in which you must demonstrate that your idea can generate real industry disruption. If accepted:

  • You will receive a budget of up to $5,000 to prove out your idea
  • You will have 180 days to prove out your idea
  • You will have bi-weekly meetings with Daniels entrepreneurial experts
  • We will help you get your solution off paper and into the market to test the real value hypothesis of your innovation

How to Apply

Before You Begin:

  • Must be a current undergraduate or graduate student at DU.
  • Make sure your idea is about true industry innovation and disruption.
  • We are not about putting sprinkles on donuts or a restaurant food delivery service.
  • We are zero-to-one (Peter Thiel).
  • We disrupt on the scale of Uber and Bird.

Please send the following to Dr. Stephen Haag:

  • Your Name and Contact Information
  • A link to a 1-minute video of your idea

That’s all you need to do.  If we like your idea, we’ll ask you for a budget and to do a 5-minute live pitch followed by Q&A. We review proposals on a consistent basis, so you can be funded immediately.


“Go out and create something for somebody other than yourself.”
– Harry A. Trueblood, Jr.


About Harry Trueblood

The Harry Trueblood Innovation Collaboratory is made possible by a generous gift from the Trueblood family in honor of the late Harry A. Trueblood, Jr., a lifelong entrepreneur and leader in the energy industry.

Over the course of his 60-year career, Trueblood was president and/or chair and CEO of eight publicly traded companies, seven of which he founded. For nearly 30 years, Trueblood’s principal operating company was Consolidated Oil & Gas, Inc., which made significant crude oil and natural gas discoveries in the Rocky Mountain Region and Texas, and numerous acquisitions. His public real estate firm owned a third of the Vail Valley in the 1960’s. In 1968, Trueblood purchased an 11,000-acre ranch on the North Shore of Kauai, Hawaii, and ultimately developed the Princeville Resort, which today boasts more than 5,000 full-time residents. That same year, Trueblood established the Harry Trueblood Foundation in honor of his father, focusing exclusively on providing scholarships based on merit for Colorado educational institutions and his alma mater, the University of Texas, Austin.

Among his many awards and achievements, Trueblood was inducted into the inaugural class of the Rocky Mountain Oil & Gas Hall of Fame in 2004, and was presented with a lifetime achievement award in 2006 by the Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States.

Current Projects


Climate change is one of the biggest threats that planet Earth faces today and it is agreed upon by the world’s scientists that humanity must make unprecedented alterations to everyday behavior to prevent mass environmental degradation.  The Green Bank of Colorado (GBC) believes that there is immense potential to find harmony across many dimensions of human operations with the sustainability of our planet.  By levering both private and public depository capital, GBC aims to drive investment and capital flow to sectors of the market that advance environmental sustainability efforts such as renewable energy, waste management, energy storage, etc. Cars, buildings, homes, and general human activity are the sources of environmental degradation; but through empowering the public and providing security with FDIC insured deposits directed towards sustainable industries, the source of the problem can become the heart of the solution. This vision helps to facilitate our mission to create a faster and more efficient transition to sustainability.

THE TEAM:  Josh Hellman and Jack Heitman are co-founders of the Green Bank of Colorado. Growing up as lifelong friends in the suburbs of Centennial, Colorado and attending Cherry Creek High School, both stayed in state for higher education. Jack is a current senior at the University of Denver studying finance and entrepreneurship and Josh attends school a bit further south at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs studying innovation and international business. Creating has always been a part of their process, throughout childhood and into adulthood, they have continually poured passion and drive into new ideas attempting to provide impactful solutions to problems around them. Through conscious observation of the environmental state, they realized their passions found harmony in providing positive change. Soon after this realization, they worked to combine their studies to pursue a larger vision. Through this belief, they co-founded the Green Bank of Colorado in June of 2018.

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