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Microgrants for Students

Do you have a strong business idea, but need some help moving it forward? Apply for Enterpreneurship@DU’s Microgrant Program!

Open to all full-time students at the University of Denver

E@DU’s Microgrant Program gives students the tools and resources they need to take their ideas from concept to reality.

One-time microgrants of up to $1,000 are available to DU students from any full-time program to support new and early-stage business ideas. Funds are available upon receiving the grant. The E@DU team will take care of purchasing and expense tracking.

All students will also have access to mentors, co-working spaces and entrepreneurship workshops to further support their business endeavors.

How to apply

1) Submit a 1- to 2-minute video addressing the following questions:

  • Introduction to team member(s): Your name, year and major and the skillset you bring to the team
  • Explain your idea. What is the opportunity, what problem does it solve, what unmet need does it address?
  • Why do you want to pursue this idea?
  • Explain in detail how you plan to use the funds.
  • Explain the status of your idea today and where it will be in 90 days if you’re awarded a microgrant.

2) Email the following information to

  • Subject line: Application for E@DU microgrant
  • Link to 1- to 2-minute video presentation
  • Paragraph about your idea
  • Contact information
    • Name(s) of every team member
    • Student(s)’ 87 Number
    • Main contact name and email address

Applicants will be notified within 14 days of submitting their application.

Microgrant Recipients

MyCogito is an intelligent and secure platform giving the user access and insight into their digital life. Their goal is to empower individuals by unlocking their data and enabling them to benefit from it.
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Mohsen Sharifi
Area of study: PhD in Engineering with focus in applied AI in heath tech and wearables
Graduation year: 2022

Rohola Zandie
Major: PhD in Computer Science with focus in machine learning and NLP
Graduation year: 2022

Website   |   Youtube   |   Twitter   |   LinkedIn

Tough Cuffs are comfortable, colorful, and secure glove leashes that attach to any pair of gloves or mittens on the market with a simple knot. Tough Cuffs customers never have to worry about dropping their gloves again!
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Euan Palmer
Area of study: Bachelor’s in Business Management
Minor: Multi-Disciplinary Design
Graduation year: 2022

Kaela Gilbert
Area of study: Business Management
Minors: Psychology and Entrepreneurship
Graduation year: 2021

Website   |   Instagram

requirements / usage

Acceptance Requirements

  • If your application is accepted, you’ll meet in person with the selection committee to discuss the idea and detail how you plan to use the microgrant.
  • All funds must be used within 90 days of receiving the microgrant.
  • Recipients will be required to check in with their assigned mentor twice during the 90-day period.
  • After the grant period, recipients will present their progress and learnings to the e@DU team, discussing the next steps for their idea.

Acceptable Microgrant Uses

  • Purchasing of materials for a minimum viable product
  • Prototyping, experiments and concept testing
  • Market research tools and software
  • Marketing material such as business cards, flyers, domain name, etc.
  • Software to prove out your idea
  • Licensing and legal fees
  • Development and UX/UI design costs (based on the business requirement)

Unacceptable Microgrant Uses

  • Website designer, influencer marketing, services that don’t require a subject matter expert
  • Rent for co-working or office space
  • Equipment or software that isn’t core to the development of the idea
  • Travel expenses
  • Team member salaries
  • Food expenses

For more information

If you have questions, contact the E@DU team at