Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Student and professional groups

Find your niche and expand your network.

At Daniels, you can connect with fellow students and alumni with similar interests and backgrounds through a myriad of student organizations. You can also reach out beyond Daniels and connect with professional and community groups that focus on DEI issues.

Daniels DEI graduate student council

The Daniels Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Graduate Student Council believes that the incorporation of individual and collective differences (through culture and identity) enhances academic, professional and personal experiences, as well as academic and business environments. The Council and its members recognize that the acceptance and support of individuality and difference create a stronger community and lead to more innovation and a brighter future for all. This group aims to enact change and action so that every member of the Daniels business graduate community feels included.

For more information, contact Alicia Lucero at Lucero@du.edu.

Student organizations

Below you’ll find a sampling of student affinity organizations at Daniels. To find a more complete listing of student organizations, you can see all Daniels student groups or view all student groups at the University of Denver

Asian Student Alliance (ASA)
ASA, formerly CAPSA, addresses the issues that Asian-American youth face today. Their mission is to provide an academic, political and social support group for each Asian-American student through community events aimed at promoting cultural awareness, volunteering in the local community and networking on campus.


Black Student Alliance (BSA)
BSA promotes diversity within the DU community by providing educational programs and speakers as well as liaisons between DU, the African-American Alumni Association and Denver’s African-American community. BSA also encourages academic excellence, personal achievement, cultural awareness and recruitment of African-Americans and other minorities.
Hawaii Club
The Hawaii Club strives to bring the Aloha spirit to all members of the DU community through awareness of Hawaiian culture and heritage.
Hindu Students Council (HSC)
HSC is an international forum that provides opportunities to learn about Hindu heritage through various activities, events and projects. HSC presents ample opportunities for self-development at the spiritual and professional level. HSC welcomes people of all backgrounds interested in learning more about Hindu dharma. We are committed to increasing interfaith dialogue between people of differing backgrounds.
Korean Student Association (KSA)
The goal of KSA is to support Korean students and promote relationships between the Korean community and other communities at DU.
Latino Student Alliance (LSA)
LSA fosters unity among people of Latino background and the campus community by promoting diversity awareness at DU. It helps Latino students maintain a good academic standing and works toward fostering a better understanding between Latino students and the surrounding community.
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National Society of Minorities in Hospitality (NSMH)
NSMH is a student-run organization dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion within the hospitality field. Through education and relationships with hospitality professionals, we aim to increase the recruitment, retention, support and advancement of minority students in the hospitality industry.
Native Student Alliance (NSA)
The NSA consists of (but is certainly not limited to) students and faculty of indigenous American descent. Our focus is to increase native awareness around the DU community and to provide fellowship and support for members.
Pi Lambda Chi Latina Sorority, Inc.
The mission of Pi Lambda Chi is to create a strong sisterhood and an educational support network for women on college campuses. Pi Lambda Chi seeks to preserve Latina/o culture and history, as well as to promote education and community service in the Latina/o communities surrounding their campuses. Pi Lambda Chi welcomes women of all ethnicities and backgrounds.


Queer Straight Alliance (QSA)
Queer Straight Alliance (QSA)

QSA is open to all gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, straight or other people in the DU community. The group is focused on serving not only as a social circle, but also as a support group to help those seeking answers and as an activist entity with a focus on queer rights in America.
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Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)
VSA’s activities include cultural celebrations, community service, fundraisers and social gatherings to promote the Vietnamese community’s presence on the DU campus and beyond. The group also aims to generate friendship and harmony between the Vietnamese community and others through better mutual understanding.

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Women in Business (WIB)
Daniels Graduate Women in Business provide a values-based network of women who advocate personal growth, leadership development and future opportunities in the business community.

Community and professional Organizations

Our faculty, staff and students are involved with community and professional organizations that seek to promote, assist and celebrate the success of diverse communities.

Accounting and Financial Women's Alliance

The Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance (AFWA) was formed in 1938 to increase the opportunities for women in all fields of accounting and finance.

Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance >

Alliance of Professional Women

The Alliance connects women personally and professionally through workshops, networking, and fundraising for microcredit financing of Village Banks in developing nations. Members work together with other community organizations to support women and girls and help them move toward the goal of becoming productive and self-sufficient citizens.

Alliance of Professional Women >

Asian Chamber of Commerce Colorado

Since 1984, the Asian Chamber of Commerce (ACC) has promoted awareness of and assisting in the economic development of the Asian business community.

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Bridge Project

The Bridge Project strives to help children and youth living in Denver’s public-housing neighborhoods to achieve their academic potential and graduate from high school with the resources necessary to succeed as adults.

Bridge Project > 

Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce

The vision of the Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce is to serve the needs of African American-owned businesses and provide economic opportunity and support to them as well as the communities they serve.

Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce >

Colorado Inclusive Economy

The Daniels College of Business is an active member organization of the Colorado Inclusive Economy. Members of Colorado Inclusive Economy have made a long-term commitment to the movement and will report regularly on shared metrics to ensure that we are making regular and sustained progress towards Colorado’s inclusive economy.

Colorado Inclusive Economy >


NAFSA is an association of individuals worldwide advancing international education and exchange and global workforce development. NAFSA serves international educators and their institutions and organizations by establishing principles of good practice, providing training, professional development and networking opportunities, and advocating for international education.


National Black MBA Association


The National Black MBA Association remains committed to our mission of leading in the creation of educational opportunities and economic growth for African Americans.

National Black MBA Association >

National Society of Minorities in Hospitality

NSMH is the premier professional organization for minority hospitality students. We address diversity and multiculturalism, as well as the career development of our student members.

National Society of Minorities in Hospitality >

Prospanica: The Association of Hispanic MBAs and Business Professionals

Prospanica was created in 1988 as a nonprofit organization. Widely known as the “Premier Hispanic Organization,” Prospanica serves 32 chapters and 8,000 members in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. It exists to foster Hispanic leadership through graduate management education and professional development. NSHMBA works to prepare Hispanics for leadership positions throughout the U.S. so that they can provide the cultural awareness and sensitivity vital in the management of the nation’s diverse workforce.

Prospanica >

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Reaching Out MBA

Reaching Out MBA’s mission is to increase the influence of the LGBT+ community in business by educating, inspiring and connecting MBA students and alumni. Over a 20 year history, Reaching Out has grown to include a range of programming that educates, inspires and connects an increasingly diverse LGBT+ MBA community.

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Women in Cable Telecommunications
Women in Cable TelecommunicationsWomen in Cable Telecommunications develops women leaders who transform our industry. Developing women leaders is our mission. As the oldest and largest organization serving women professionals in cable telecommunications, WICT is at the forefront of an industry undergoing constant change. Since its founding in 1979, WICT has remained steadfast in its resolve to advance the position and influence of women through proven leadership programs and services at both the national and local level.


Women in Leadership
Women in Leadership: Women In Leadership is a bipartisan organization dedicated to electing pro-choice women to public office. We seek and support candidates who believe that ensuring access to reproductive health care is essential to maintaining liberty for all women. Our mission: Help elect those candidates at the local, state and national levels who share our commitment.


World Future Society
World Future Society: The World Future Society is a nonprofit, nonpartisan scientific and educational association of people interested in how social and technological developments are shaping the future. The Society was founded in 1966 and is chartered as a nonprofit educational and scientific organization in Washington, D.C.
World Trade Center, Denver
World Trade Center, Denver: In 1988 a group of 200 public and private representatives from Colorado’s international business community met to explore ways in which the Rocky Mountain region of the United States could more effectively benefit from the increasing globalization taking place throughout the world. Believing that change brings opportunity, this group began to form a vision of Denver and the region as a model global community, linked to the rest of the world by trade, investment, education, culture, transportation and communication.