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The Reiman School of Finance is accepted into the CFA Institute University Recognition Program

Dr. Chris Hughen, Associate Professor, Reiman School of Finance, led the effort to document proof that the MS Finance curriculum qualified for participation in the CFA Insititute University Recognition Program. As part of its recognition in the program, Reiman can award new scholarships to students and develop new courses. Read more»


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  • Debate Over Local Restaurant Name, Illegal Pete’s, Mirrors Others
    10 Nov Who is Illegal Pete–Mexican migrant or countercultural hipster? These questions have been raised in recent weeks after a group in Fort Collins called  asked Pete Turner, owner of Mexican food restaurants called Illegal Pete’s, to change the name of his … Continued see more
  • DU Students Create Shared Living App for Roommates
    10 Nov Three University of Denver students may have created the next big thing in mobile apps. The app is called PtchMe, and it allows roommates to split the shared costs of living together. The app was created as part of the … Continued see more
  • The growing appeal of a three-year degree
    6 Nov In a trend that began during the depths of the Great Recession, some students who needed get a four-degree without a four-year degree’s cost, started trying to complete their courses in three years. But even as the U.S. economy is … Continued see more
  • High Rent, Low Vacancy Causes Working-age Adults to ‘Double Up’
    5 Nov If you are currently looking for rental property in Denver, then you know the search for an affordable apartment can be daunting. It’s the law of supply and demand: fewer rentals mean higher prices. The harsh reality has many people searching for … Continued see more
  • Taking the Emotion Out of Investing
    5 Nov Investing on Wall Street can be a roller coaster ride. With the stock market’s recent ups and downs – investors may sometimes get the jitters. It’s hard not to be emotional. But emotions may be the root of the problem. … Continued see more


12:00 pm DU Reception on the Road: Japan see more
DU Reception on the Road: Japan
Dec 3 @ 12:00 pm – Dec 11 @ 1:00 pm
Daniels is coming to Japan! Our graduate marketing class is making a trip to Japan and the admissions team is tagging along and is ready [...]
6:00 pm Professional MBA Faculty Panel and Networking Meetup @ Joy Burns Center, Tuscan Ballroom see more
Professional MBA Faculty Panel a… @ Joy Burns Center, Tuscan Ballroom
Dec 4 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Join us for an engaging evening with faculty, staff, students and alumni from Daniels Professional MBA program. Ranked #54 in the national for part-time MBA [...]
6:00 pm Daniels Annual Alumni Snow Ball @ The Cable Center see more
Daniels Annual Alumni Snow Ball @ The Cable Center
Dec 11 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Daniels Annual Alumni Snow Ball—More information to follow. Register»

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