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  • Latino Leadership Institute Director Cindy Peña Named One of Denver’s Top 25 Most Powerful Women
    27 Jan Cindy Peña, executive director of the Latino Leadership Institute, has been named by the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce one of the 2015 Top 25 Most Powerful Women. Peña and her fellow recipients were honored at the Top 25 Gala on … Continued see more
  • Team building is focus for Colorado companies and event providers
    24 Jan Justin Lang pulls off his crash helmet, peers at the race results and high-fives his go-kart racing colleagues from Denver-based Craftsy. Trash talking ensues. Lang placed second in his heat, but he vows to finish first in the next race. … Continued see more
  • Teenagers take on the tech world
    22 Jan Teenagers and perhaps even pre-teens will be among the leading innovators and inventors in the tech space in 2015 – so much so that we will see a growing emergence of millionaires who aren’t old enough to drive.  The trend has begun. In the UK, … Continued see more
  • All investing is impact investing
    11 Jan Column by Bruce DeBoskey In the United States, nearly $1 trillion is committed to philanthropy — sitting in foundations, donor-advised funds and elsewhere. Donors have transferred ownership of these funds to separate entities and received their tax deductions. Yet only a … Continued see more
  • Microfinance Institutions Balance Personal Loans with Sustainable Business Model
    8 Jan For those of us used to banking conveniences such as free checking accounts and bill pay, it can be hard to imagine that more than a third of the world does without these services. According to the Consultative Group to … Continued see more


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