Craig Aldrink

Vanessa Manjarrez

Part-Time Professional MBA 2025

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Previous Education

I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in aerospace engineering. During my time there, I was fortunate enough to do a study abroad program at the University of Manchester.

Why did you choose Daniels?

I was looking for a school that has good academic standing to ensure I could further my career. I wanted to attend a program with an in-person curriculum that would help me build my professional and personal network. The Professional MBA program allows me to build a bond with my cohort and faculty at a greater level than an online program. With the University of Denver being in South Denver, it’s the perfect location for me to attend in-person classes while remaining in person at work.

Pre-grad school experience

Aerospace Engineer, Northrop Grumman 2018-2022
Right out of school I got my first job at Orbital ATK working on rockets in Phoenix, Arizona. Within three days of being at the company, it officially merged with Northrop Grumman. After a couple of years in my initial role, I joined a rotation program exposing me to more roles and experiences in the company. I stayed with the company for just over four years.

Aerospace Engineer, Blue Origin 2022-present
In July 2022, I accomplished two personal dreams by moving to Denver and starting work at Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos’ space company). I am currently happily employed by Blue Origin, working on a moon lander with the goal of getting humans to live and work in space for the benefit of Earth.

Post-grad school goal

I am pursuing an MBA degree with the intention of becoming an engineering manager. I would like to continue to stay close to the technically difficult and unique problems that engineering tackles. An MBA degree exposes my career to the world of business. The Professional MBA program at Daniels allows me to chase my near-term goals while opening the door for future opportunities.


Like any good Coloradan, I enjoy being in the mountains skiing and hiking. I also enjoy playing tennis at a semi-competitive level. I keep up with college football and the English Premier League, though I am cautiously optimistic as a Michigan and Tottenham fan. When time and finances allow, I enjoy traveling and exploring different cultures. I love a good meal and enjoy trying out new recipes. I also have a bad habit of picking up any hobby I find interesting and fun.