David Herrera-Becerra

David Herrera-Becerra

The Denver MBA 2025

Hometown: Bogota, Colombia​

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Why did you choose Daniels?

Daniels offers a program based on challenges. For me, this was one of the best programs out there because I would be able to not only learn the concepts in theory but also apply them in the real world.

Previous Education

I earned a bachelor’s degree in international commerce from the University Cooperativa of Colombia. That is my official degree, and I have learned a variety of different topics that I have been able to apply in my professional and personal life.

Pre-grad school experience

Right before starting my graduate experience, I worked for Publicis, an internationally renowned marketing firm. I worked as an account manager, managing luxury accounts. Before that, my experience was in account management, customer success and customer support.

Post-grad school goal

I decided to start my graduate experience with the goal of working in the marketing environment. I have been a dreamer for a long time, and I want to apply the knowledge that I can receive from the MBA to start my own digital marketing firm.


I play and watch soccer as much as I can. I also enjoy music, movies, and exploring new places and food.