Eric K. Drucker

Master of Science in Real Estate and the Built Environment 2024

Hometown: Denver, Colorado​

Email me with questions about the MS in real estate and the built environment.

Why did you choose Daniels?

I chose Daniels because I am originally from Denver. Growing up I had been exposed to all the great opportunities that Daniels offers. I value the combination of real estate and construction in the curriculum. Since Daniels has such a large alumni network, I am looking forward to using that to meet industry leaders and learn the business to supplement my education from Daniels.

Previous Education

BA in Business Administration and Spanish Language.

Pre-grad school experience

I worked in the non-profit sector in San Francisco as soon as I graduated from college. I then moved to Denver, where I worked for Lyft Corporate. I ran one of the rental branches in conjunction with Hertz. We rented out Hertz cars to use on the Lyft platform. After my time working with Lyft, I started working part-time with a residential real estate agent. I proceeded to obtain my real estate license. I have been working in residential real estate for the past six years. I am a member of the Real Estate and Construction Networking Group through Jewish Colorado, where we host events for professionals of all faiths involved in the real estate and construction industries.

Post-grad school goal

I would like to end up in property development specializing in either the hospitality industry or residential building.


When I am not studying, I enjoy homebrewing beer, traveling around the world with my wife, playing with my new golden doodle puppy, spending time with my 10 nieces and nephews, and cheering on the defending champion Denver Nuggets and the soon to be, once again, Stanley Cup Champions, the Colorado Avalanche!