Donald "Don" Bergh, PhD
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Louis D. Beaumont Chair of Business Administration and Professor of Management
Department of Management, Endowed Chair
Donald Bergh

Biography at a Glance

Donald Bergh is the Louis D. Beaumont Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Management at the Daniels College of Business. Prior to joining Daniels, he was an assistant professor and then associate professor at The Pennsylvania State University. Bergh also served as associate professor at Cornell University and Purdue University and was part-time professor and chair of management at University College Dublin. Bergh has published research articles in the leading academic journals of the management field, participated on the editorial review boards of those journals, and has served as an associate editor for the Academy of Management Journal, Organizational Research Methods, and the Journal of Management Studies. His book series (along with David Ketchen, Jr.), Research Methodology in Strategy and Management, is now in its 10 volume.


  • PhD, Strategic Management, University of Colorado
  • MBA, Marketing, Utah State University
  • BS, Marketing, Utah State University

Recent Publications

  • Bergh, D.D., Aguinis, H. Heavey, C., Ketchen, D.J., Jr., Boyd, B.K., Peiran, S., Lau, C. & Joo, H. 2014. Using meta-analytic structural equations modeling to advance strategic management research: Guidelines and an empirical illustration via the strategic leadership-performance relationship. Strategic Management Journal, Forthcoming.
  • Bergh, D.D., Connelly, B.L., Ketchen, D.J., jr. & Shannon, L.M. 2014. Signaling theory and equilibrium in strategic management research: An assessment and research agenda. Journal of Management Studies, forthcoming. DOI: 10.1111/joms 12097 (forthcoming)
  • Bergh, D.D, & Sharp, B. 2014. How far do owners reach into the divestiture process? Blockholders and the choice between spin-off and sell-off. Journal of Management, Forthcoming. DOI 10.1177/0149206312456705 (forthcoming)
  • Boyd, B.K., Bergh, D.D., R.D. Ireland, & Ketchen, D.J., jr. 2013. Constructs in strategic management. Organizational Research Methods, 16: 3-14.
  • Sharp, B., Bergh, D.D., & Ming, L. 2013. Measuring and testing industry effects in strategic management research: An update, assessment and demonstration. Organizational Research Methods, 16: 43-66.
  • Boyd, B.K., Haynes, K.T., Hitt, M.A., Bergh, D.D., & Ketchen, D.J. 2012. Contingency hypotheses in strategic management research. Use, disuse or misuse? Journal of Management, 38: 278-313.
  • Bergh, D.D. & Gibbons, P. 2011. Stockholder reaction to the hiring of management consultants: A signaling theory approach. Journal of Management Studies, 48: 544-567.
    Summary appeared in Forbes:
  • Bergh, D.D., Ketchen, D.J., Jr., Boyd, B.K., & Bergh, J. 2010.  New theoretical frontiers of the reputation-performance relationship: A multiple theoretical perspective. Journal of Management. 36: 620-632.
  • Boyd, B.K., Bergh, D.D., Ketchen, D.J. Jr., 2010.  Reconsidering the reputation-performance relationship: A resource-based view. Journal of Management, 36: 588-609.
  • Bergh, D.D., & Lim, E. 2008.Learning how to restructure: Absorptive capacity and improvisational views of restructuring actions and performance. Strategic Management Journal. 29: 593-616.
  • Bergh, D.D., Johnson, R.A., & DeWitt, R.L. 2008. Restructuring through spin-offs or sell-offs: Transforming information asymmetries into financial gain. Strategic Management Journal, 29: 133-148.
  • Boyd, B.K., Ketchen, D.J. Jr., & Bergh, D.D. 2008. Research methodology in strategic management. Past accomplishments and future challenges. Organizational Research Methods, 11: 643-658.
  • Mathieu, J.E., DeShon, R.P., & Bergh, D.D. 2008. Mediational inferences in organizational research; Then, now, and beyond. Organizational Research Methods, 11: 203-223.

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