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Donald "Don" Bergh, PhD
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Professor; Louis D. Beaumont Chair of Business Administration
Department of Management, Endowed Chair, Executive PhD
Donald Bergh

Biography at a Glance

Donald D. Bergh (PhD, University of Colorado Boulder) is the Louis D. Beaumont Chair of Business Administration and Professor of Management at the Daniels College of Business of the University of Denver. He is also a visiting lecturer at University College Dublin. Don previously served on the faculties of Purdue, Cornell and Penn State, the latter of which he was a long-time member.

His research interests lie primarily in corporate strategy and research methodology where his work has appeared the Academy of Management Journal (AMJ), the Strategic Management Journal (SMJ)Organization Science (OS)Journal of Management (JM), the Journal of Management Studies (JMS), Organizational Research Methods (ORM) and the Academy of Management Learning and Education (AMLE).

He has authored more than 25 articles in the Financial Times’ Top 50 Journals. His number of publications in the SMJ place him among the top 1% of authors that have published in that premier journal, among the top 100 (of 6,326 authors, 1.6%) cited authors in strategic management textbooks, and his count of articles in JM during its first 40 years ranks him 2nd of 2,270 authors (on an authorship-weighted basis).

He has served as an Associate Editor (AMJ, 2002-2004; ORM, 2008-2010, and JMS, 2011-2014), guest co-editor of several special issues in ORM, as a current member of the editorial review boards of AMJ, SMJ, Academy of Management Review, ORM and JMS, and along with David Ketchen, Jr., co-edited the Emerald series, Research Methodology in Strategy and Management, volumes 1 through 10.) He has served the Academy of Management as a member of its inaugural Ethics Education Committee, the Newman Award Committee (Best Dissertation Competition), the Business Policy and Strategy Division’s Awards Committee, the Strategic Management Society as the inaugural Chair of the Corporate Strategy Interest Group, Chair of the Research Methods Community, and as Co-Chair of the 35th Annual International Conference of the Strategic Management Society. Currently, Don is the inaugural Chair of the Scientific Integrity and Rigor Task Force of JM, the first of its kind in the management field.

He has received awards for his teaching beginning as a doctoral student (University Excellence Award), and since as a professor at Penn State and Purdue. At the University of Denver, Don has received multiple research awards and served as the keynote Speaker, Provost Spring Luncheon. Internationally, he was honored with the invitation to present the Erasmus Distinguished Management Lecture, Erasmus Research Institute of Europe, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.



  • PhD, Business Administration, University of Colorado
  • MBA, Business Administration, Utah State University
  • BS, Business Administration, Utah State University


Recent Publications

Bergh, D.D., Ketchen, D.J. Jr., Orlandi, I., Heugens, P., & Boyd, B. 2019. Information asymmetry in management research: Past accomplishments and future opportunities. Journal of Management, In Press.

Bergh, D.D., Sharp, B., Aguinis, H., & Li, M. 2017. Is there a credibility crisis in strategic management research? Evidence on the reproducibility of study findings. Strategic Organization, 15: 423-436.

Bergh, D.D., Sharp, B. & Li, M. 2017. Tests for identifying “red flags” in empirical findings: demonstration and recommendations for authors, reviewers and editors. Academy of Management Learning and Education, 16: 110-124.

Molina-Azorin, J.F., Bergh, D.D., Corley, K., & Ketchen. 2017. Mixed methods in the organizational sciences: Taking stock and moving forward. Organizational Research Methods, 20: 179-192.

Bergh, D.D. 2017. Restructuring and divestment. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Business and Management, R. Aldag (editor). Oxford University Press, New York, NY. Online publication date, March 2017. DOI: 10.1093/acrefore/9780190224851.013.17

Bergh, D.D. 2016. Divestiture strategy. Wiley Encyclopedia of Management, 3rd edition, Volume 12. Online ISBN: 9781118785317; DOI: 10.1002/9781118785317

Bergh, D.D. 2016. Suggestions for strengthening the discussion section and increasing your odds of publication success. How to get published in the best management journals. In Clark, T., Wright, M., & Ketchen, D. (editors). Edward Elgar: 116-120.

Bergh, D.D., Aguinis, H. Heavey, C., Ketchen, D.J., Jr., Boyd, B.K., Peiran, S., Lau, C. & Joo, H. 2016. Using meta-analytic structural equations modeling to advance strategic management research: Guidelines and an empirical illustration via the strategic leadership-performance relationship. Strategic Management Journal, 37: 477-497.
“As of March/April 2018, this highly cited paper received enough citations to place it in the top 1% of the academic field of Economics & Business based on a highly cited threshold for the field and publication year.” Web of Science, Essential Science Indicators

Bergh, D.D, & Sharp, B. 2015. How far do owners reach into the divestiture process? Blockholders and the choice between spin-off and sell-off. Journal of Management, 41: 1155-1183.

Bergh, D.D., Connelly, B.L., Ketchen, D.J., Jr. & Shannon, L.M. 2014. Signaling theory and equilibrium in strategic management research: An assessment and research agenda. Journal of Management Studies, 51: 1334-1360.

Sharp, B., Bergh, D.D., & Ming, L. 2013. Measuring and testing industry effects in strategic management research: An update, assessment and demonstration. Organizational Research Methods, 16: 43-66.

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Please visit DU’s COVID-19 website and subscribe to @uofdenver Twitter for updates regarding COVID-19.