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Graduate Certificates in Business Analytics

We offer graduate certificates on two BIA topics: business analytics and marketing analytics. Both provide a deep dive into critical analysis and decision-making skills, without the commitment of a master’s degree. You’ll have full access to the Department of Business Information & Analytics, which has a long history of research and teaching, resulting in the placement of many of our graduates into analytics, programming and data management positions.

Day and evening courses are available, and certificates can be completed in as little as 6 months. There are no required prerequisites.

All certificates have the same application process and per-hour tuition rate. Completed applicable coursework can be applied toward a master’s degree.

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Certificates in Business Analytics

Specialized Graduate Certificate (4 courses, 16 credit hours)

The specialized certificate addresses data analytics in all business and enterprise decisions. You’ll learn to:

  • use basic coding principles of solution design including looping and conditions
  • develop data cleaning, data analysis, data mining, and predictive modeling skills for data sets of varying sizes
  • understand database design principles and construct appropriate queries from databases
  • apply appropriate data modeling techniques and present result using appropriate information display techniques.

You’ll take four foundation courses at your own pace:

  • STAT 4610 Business Analytics
  • INFO 4120 Python
  • INFO 4140 Business Databases
  • INFO 4300 Predictive Analytics

Graduate Certificate (6 courses, 24 credit hours)

In addition to the four foundational courses, the graduate certificate offers electives that let you expand your knowledge in the topics that interest you most.

You’ll take the foundation courses above, plus choose two of the following electives: 

  • INFO 4240 Data Warehousing
  • INFO 4340 Data Mining and Visualization
  • INFO 4390 Analytic Modeling in R
  • INFO 4590 Optimization

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Certificates in Marketing Analytics

The Specialized and Graduate Certificates in Marketing Analytics are offered through a collaboration between the Department of Business Information and Analytics and the Department of Marketing.

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$1,490 per credit hour 
$5,960 per course

Tuition for Daniels College of Business graduate programs is based on a cost-per-credit-hour rate set by the University of Denver. Residents and non-residents of Colorado have the same tuition costs. The rate above is for the 2020–2021 academic year (Fall through Summer quarters).


Financial Aid

Federal financial aid is available for 6-course graduate certificates. Contact a graduate advisor for more information.

4-course vs. 6-course certificates

Do I want a 4-course or 6-course certificate?

The 4-course specialized certificate lets you quickly earn a credential with four tightly focused foundation courses that build your skills in a specific area. This certificate is not eligible for federal financial aid.

The 6-course advanced certificate starts with the same foundation courses, then adds two more courses that either delve into the foundation topics in more depth or allow you to explore electives. It's designed for students looking to develop more extensive skills or planning to pursue a master's degree. The 6-course certificate is eligible for federal financial aid.

Both certificates have the same application process and per-hour tuition rate, and credits from either certificate can be applied toward a master's degree.



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