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The Professional MBA (PMBA) from the Daniels College of Business in Denver, Colorado, is an ideal fit for early-to-mid career professionals. The PMBA is a part-time program that allows you to earn a world-class MBA in 21 months without compromising your current career.

You will experience the same academic rigor and innovative learning of our traditional MBA in a format that fits your busy life and propels your possibilities. See for yourself why Bloomberg Businessweek ranked the Daniels PMBA #54 in the nation and #3 in the region in 2013.

Program at a Glance

There’s still time to apply for Spring 2017. Complete your application by March 15. Merit scholarships are available for those that qualify.

FormatA lock-step (cohort) curriculum of 16 courses, which include two electives (60 quarter credit hours)
Class SchedulePart-time: Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Duration21 calendar months 
Class Size30-40 students
Start DatesSeptember and March of each year
Undergraduate DegreeRequired
Work ExperienceAt least two years is required, six years is average
GMAT or GRERequired unless GMAT waiver request is granted. Applicants who wish to be considered for merit-based scholarships must take the GMAT. To have your GMAT or GRE scores reported to Daniels, please use the following codes: GMAT code is MZR-GT-43 and the GRE code is 4842.
Experiential Learning
Three day Leading at the Edge outdoor leadership course and an eight-day International Travel Seminar
Application DeadlinesApplications are considered in the order that they are received. Space available consideration after February 1 (March entry) and May 15 (September entry).


The best part about the hands-on learning that Daniels offers is that it allows you to engage in the meaningful applications of the subject matter in a way that truly translates to your work-place and career. And the incredible opportunity to travel abroad with over 30 professionals to learn firsthand how business is done around the globe is a one of a kind experience!- Holly Robinson, PMBA 2013 | Marketing Coordinator, D.R. Horton

Program Curriculum

  • Ethical Leadership: Gain an understanding of the ethical implications of business decisions.
  • Technical Expertise: Acquire hands-on technical expertise—from finance to marketing to management—through software simulations, team projects and student consulting.
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: Develop your communication and team-building skills through collaborative projects on campus and in the field.
  • Critical and Innovative Thinking: Enhance your ability to gather, analyze and synthesize information to solve business dilemmas and create new opportunities.
  • Global/Intercultural Competence: Navigate the ever-changing global business environment and constructively engage with people from groups or cultures different from their own.

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Course Sequence

PMBA students follow a sequential 24-month curriculum for 70 credit hours. The first 62 credits are lockstep and include business fundamentals, values-based leadership and organizational strategy courses. The final 8 credits are electives.

  • Business Fundamental Courses: Learn the key functional areas of business including accounting, marketing and decision making using business statistics and financial analysis.
  • Daniels Compass Courses: Develop the skills demanded by today’s business environment with a focus on self-leadership, emotional intelligence, team collaboration, ethics and corporate social responsibility.
  • Organizational Development Courses: Think strategically about organizational operations and how to identify and implement business opportunities.
  • Electives: Students can take courses from any academic unit at the University of Denver to build a truly customized degree program.

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Elective Curriculum

The first 62 credits of the PMBA are lockstep, but the final 8 credits (two 10-week courses) are required electives that allow you to deepen your knowledge in specific business disciplines. Students can pursue dual degrees within Daniels by combining an MBA with a master’s degree in a specific business discipline or by combining an MBA with a degree from another University of Denver school such as the Sturm College of Law or the Josef Korbel School of International Studies. Or, any degree-seeking Daniels or Korbel student at the University of Denver can pursue a certificate in Global Business & Corporate Social Responsibility presented by Daniels and the Josef Korbel School of International Studies.

For more information about any of these options, please contact Laura Simpkins at or 303.871.2728.

Experiential Learning

Business doesn’t happen in a classroom. That’s why the PMBA immerses you in as many onsite, problem-solving situations as possible. You’ll learn by doing—experience that stays with you long after your classes are over.

Hands-on Learning Is Required

There are three required learning experiences that will transform your understanding of business and your effectiveness as a business leader:

  • Leading at the Edge: As part of the required Essence of Enterprise course, students travel to the Rocky Mountains to participate in an intensive three-day exercise in outdoor leadership and team-building called “Leading at the Edge.” The intellectually rigorous experience teaches decision making, problem solving, teamwork and how to address ethical issues in times of stress. The weekend aims to establish trust among cohorts and instill the importance of values in leadership. Students find themselves moving from an individual to a collaborative perspective with regard to their future roles in business and the community.
  • PMBA International Travel Seminar: Today’s business environment demands an understanding of global business practices and their effect on society. During the eight-day International Travel Seminar, which is included in the tuition, you’ll experience business in the context of other cultures and examine sustainable business practices on an international scale.

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  • Capstone Project: Working with a cohort team, you’ll apply knowledge gained throughout the PMBA program to a project that adds real value to your community. It’s an opportunity to pull together everything you’ve learned from business fundamentals to interpersonal effectiveness to business sustainability.

To excel in today’s global marketplace you need a working knowledge of the interdependencies of international business and its effect on society. While the concept of global stewardship is integrated throughout the PMBA core curriculum, the required PMBA International Travel Seminar brings these lessons to life with an eight-day trip to examine global business practices.

This transformative overseas experience allows you and your cohort to experience business in the context of other cultures and gain insight into global business perspectives. You will meet with foreign business leaders, visit diverse business ventures and explore the challenges and rewards of sustainable development.

Upon completion of the International Travel Seminar, each student will be able to:

  • Analyze the economic development of the foreign nation in the context of its global competitiveness.
  • Understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of the foreign nation.
  • Apply intercultural sensitivity and the concepts of inclusive excellence to establish positive social and interpersonal relationships with business owners, governmental representatives and local community leaders.
  • Apply the leadership and management competencies necessary to effectively develop, implement and execute solutions that enable sustainable organizational growth in the context of a global business environment.

The cost of the International Travel Seminar is included in the tuition. It is typically scheduled for the fifth quarter of the PMBA program to give you adequate time to schedule time away from work and personal obligations.

International Travel Seminar in Action

To date, the International Travel Seminar has been held in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Peru, and The Federation of Saint Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis.

Interact with Business Experts and Leaders

  • Global Capitals of the World: Gain inside access to financial executives and entrepreneurs around the world during this week-long trip to a variety of world destinations.
  • Voices of Experience: Dynamic discussions with business leaders on the challenges and opportunities in today’s business world.
  • Executive and Alumni Mentoring: Explore and pursue career opportunities with an executive and/or alumni mentor in your field of interest.

Compete Against the Best

  • Inclusive Excellence Business Case Competition: Daniels is proud to host one of the country’s few business case competitions focused on diversity. Students tackle a current issue around inclusive excellence, which is a strategic imperative for a participating company.
  • Race & Case: Daniels’ signature event that combines an ethics case competition with a ski race.
  • Cable Apprentice Challenge: This unique combination of education and networking with the best and the brightest in the business world is a challenge to develop research and analysis tactics to help Comcast Colorado.
  • Association for Corporate Growth Case Competition: A regional business school case competition. The ACG Cup is a case-study competition designed to give students from leading MBA programs invaluable insights into mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, financial advisory and private equity.


At Daniels, our faculty members are passionate about teaching. As scholars who are deeply engaged in the business world, they excel at bridging the gap between theory and real-world application. The result is an academically rigorous and highly relevant learning experience that prepares you for business realities.

Daniels faculty delivers a high level of instruction with a personal touch. Here, you'll find teachers who know your name and care about your goals. They'll become inspiring mentors who challenge your assumptions, encourage your best effort and connect you with business leaders in Denver and beyond.

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