Andrew Martinez

Part-Time Professional MBA
Graduate Student Ambassador

Andrew Martinez


Superior, Colorado

Why did you choose Daniels?

I chose Daniels because of its deep connection in the business community. Their dedication to keeping the alumni network engaged for us as current students to lean on is second to none. The faculty at Daniels not only preach about the importance of networking and creating connections, but also help facilitate it.

Previous Education

BA from the University of Colorado Boulder

Pre-Grad School Experience

I graduated in 2016 with my undergrad and have been in sales, business development and leadership roles within the wholesale distribution and staffing and recruiting industries.

Post Grad School Goal

Management consulting or private equity


I love meeting new people and trying new restaurants and/or bars. Going out for dinner and drinks is probably my favorite thing to do. I also enjoy going to any live event; could be a sporting event, live music or any pop-up. I try to make it to the gym on a consistent basis but sometimes fall short…because of my dinner plans!