As a student and a business professional, you probably know that markets, economies, technology and information in general is becoming global. Businessmen, scholars and citizens are no longer restricted to the culture and knowledge of their city, state or even country. In an effort to describe the changes unique to our times, experts are deeming this change “globalization,” and many companies and nonprofits have been developed in order to facilitate globalization and to make citizens more aware of the possibilities of globalization. As a business professional or a student of business, you understand the unique opportunities that globalization affords you, and just how important it is that you expand your boundaries and prepare yourself to work in a global market. One way to do so is by obtaining a Masters in Business degree.

An MBA and Global Citizenship

Global citizenship is a term that has been developed as a result of globalization. Global citizenship is the idea that individuals place their identities above that of their local identities. The individual feels that he or she is more a part of the human condition than simply an inhabitant of one town or even one country. This does not mean that you forsake your national or local identity, but that you feel more akin to your global identity overall. We at Daniels agree that global citizenship is an important aspect of your business identity, and that globalization presents unique opportunities for business professionals.

An MBA gives you the tools to succeed globally. When you receive an MBA, you now have the tools to succeed in any business market, whether it is local, national, or international. For instance, our global business program strives to connect our students with the global community by placing them directly into foreign business markets. We immerse students into two international business markets (one prominent and one emerging) in order to help them better understand their global identity in relationship to business.

An MBA gives you the connections to succeed globally. Whether working internationally or nationally with fellow MBA students, you will develop business relationships and networks that will allow you to move your business and career into other markets, both foreign and domestic. You will gain access to opportunities that you never thought possible.

An MBA gives you passion and focus. When you further your education through a global MBA program, you will be exposed to new and exciting business opportunities. If you are looking for a way to fire up your passion for business, or simply a way to enrich and develop your current passion, an MBA will expose you to new opportunities and help you to understand the possibilities of doing business globally. You will also be exposed to humanitarian efforts and human capital issues that will help you better understand the human condition on a global scale.