Summer at Daniels

Summer quarter at Daniels is a great time to get ahead in the business core, catch up on needed requirements or explore some of the unique classes offered in the summer.  Online classes are available! If you have an internship this summer, now is a great time to look into getting credit for it.

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Courses Offered

  • Online courses
  • Business core courses
  • Unique summer courses
  • Internships for credit
  • And more!

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Get Credit for Summer Internships!

Are you planning on a summer internship?

Internships are the best way to explore your areas of interest while building on your experience and your resume. Internships can also be considered for course credit!

Whether it’s paid or unpaid, you may be eligible to receive course credit by enrolling in the summer courses below. Still looking for an internship, visit PioneerCareers or make an appointment with a career advisor today.

To earn internship credit for your major, you will need to speak with the major department to determine if you are eligible and understand the course requirements. You will have to register for credits for the internship and pay tuition. For qualifying students, we have the Taylor Internship Scholarship, which helps offset the cost of tuition for an internship course.

You can view the Student Internship Guide. Please note that each academic department has different requirements for internships, so you must check with your department to determine if you are eligible to earn credit.