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Start a Project

Start A Project

For questions, please contact Brooke Goodell or Randi Eskanos.

The Process

Provide OCM with the content facts and key copy points for your project with the form; be sure to zip multiple attachments to upload them, and we will get to work. Send any logos and/or photography necessary, or we can arrange to have photos taken or selected from our archives.

We will begin working on a project once we receive all the content and/or materials from you and you’ve signed off on our estimate. While giving us a heads up that a project is coming our way is appreciated, we cannot officially put it in the queue and line up resources until the request is presented in its entirety.

If we are starting with brand new copy for your project, OCM will either send you a written draft to review prior to our starting design or you will receive a first proof of the project with the edited copy in place. Share this proof with all the people responsible for final sign-off and be sure that you are happy with all aspects of the copy and design. Read the copy thoroughly for any errors and get feedback from your peers. This is the time to bring up issues and concerns or any major overhauls to copy or design. After this point, it can negatively impact your timeline and budget.

If you have issues or concerns about the piece at this stage, contact OCM immediately so we can address the problem.

We’ll send you a final proof. If it’s perfect, you sign off on the project, and we will send it to the printer or other vendor.

Note: We do our best to avoid mistakes, but it is ultimately your unit’s responsibility to review and verify all content you wish to publish. This includes the proper spelling of names and the accuracy of dates, fees, addresses and other information. As a general rule, please have three different people review your material before you approve it to print.

Please take ample time to review the project at this stage before it goes to print; even the smallest of changes can be extremely costly and will be your unit’s financial responsibility.

Daniels Social Media

We’re ready to help with your social media needs, whatever they might be. Not only can you schedule a strategic consultation or training session at any time, you can also request that we help cover your event, spotlight one of your alumni, feature your faculty and student thought leadership, post your news and updates, and more. To request coverage in Daniels social media, please submit a social media request form.

Additionally, we have several quick and dirty social media tips to offer:

  • No matter what platform you’re posting on, try to treat your posts like little stories. Make sure to include the essentials such as who, what, where, when and why.
  • Always include pictures and/or video when possible.
  • Try to offer something that isn’t available in your other media outlets/promotions, such as a particular quote, fact, or finding.
  • Try to pose a question and engage your audience.
  • Respond to everyone.

Digital Monitors

To inquire about having your content displayed on the digital monitors throughout Daniels and Margery Reed Hall, please contact Will Albach.

Submit a Testimonial

We’re collecting testimonials from all of our audiences–students, prospective students, alumni, corporate partners, recruiters and more. We save them in a repository of testimonials that we can pull from for marketing and communications efforts across channels and across the college.

So if one of your constituents has given you positive feedback about their Daniels experience, share it here!