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Submit your event to Daniels’ online events calendar.

Directory profile request
Request a new profile in Daniels’ online directory.

Email newsletter planning
Submit this form for help planning, creating and editing content for the next issue of your email newsletter.

Email review request
Request that the Communications team review and send an iModules email.

Event planning request
Request help from the Events team with planning a Daniels event.

Marketing project request
Request help with a new marketing project, including email, print, social media and web pieces.

Photo metadata submission
Submit metadata to tag photos you’ve uploaded to the Widen photo management system.

Social media request
Request to have something featured on Daniels’ Facebook, LinkedIn, X (formerly known as Twitter) or Instagram accounts.

Story idea submission
Submit a story idea you’d like us to consider for our blog, our print magazine or media pitches.

Swag order form
Request branded swag items.

Student or faculty/staff newsletter content
Submit content you’d like published in Daniels’ e-newsletters for students, @Daniels, or our e-newsletter for faculty and staff, the Daniels Debrief.

Testimonial submission
Submit a quote from a student, alumnus, corporate partner or community member about their experience with Daniels.

Visitor form
Submit this form to request parking for a visitor and to inform Corporate and Community Relations and the Office of Communications, Marketing and Events about the upcoming visit.

Web/directory update request
Request an update to your Daniels website or your profile in the Daniels directory.

Writing/editing request
Request help with your writing or editing project.