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Blogging for Daniels

How to pick a topic for your blog: This is the fun part. You should blog about a topic you know and love—or something about which you have a strong opinion. What’s your area of expertise? What have you studied or researched lately? What makes your blood boil? Enquiring minds want to know!

As Shakespeare wrote, “Brevity is the soul of wit,” so keep your blog between 200-700 words. Similarly, keep your paragraphs short—as in one to three sentences long. Other tips:

  • Be specific. By focusing on a specific problem, solution, event or industry, you’ll ensure that your blog is useful to your readers.
  • Everyone makes mistakes. Be sure to check your blog for spelling and grammar errors, and double-check the names of institutions and individuals, as well as their titles.
  • Missing links. Links to other resources are great, just be sure they’re working properly.
  • Show and tell. You can include images in the body of your blog—a headshot of you as the author/expert, perhaps, or an image of the event or topic you’re writing about. Limit the number of photos you include in your blog to no more than three.

Once you’ve written your blog and pasted your copy into the submission form on our Brand site (….), you’re almost done! You just need to complete the following fields to make your blog complete:

Title: Again, the shorter, the better. Keep the title of your blog to six words or less to best grab peoples’ attention. WordPress then automatically generates a URL for your blog based on your title.

Author: You know who you are! Simply list your name and title in this field.

Image: Your headshot can go here. If your blog is about an activity, event or program, this is the place you might include an image of that instead. Use your judgment, but know that blogs with images are more likely to be read. The image has a maximum width of 600 pixels.

Once you’ve supplied all the preceding information, guess what? You just wrote a blog! Congratulations!

Daniels Social Media

We are ready to help with your social media needs, whatever they might be. Not only can you schedule a strategic consultation or training session at any time, you can also request that we help cover your event, spotlight one of your alumni, feature your faculty and student thought leadership, post your news and updates, and more.

Additionally, we have several quick and dirty social media tips to offer:

  • No matter what platform you are posting on, try and treat your posts like little stories. Make sure to include the essentials such as who, what, where, when, and why.
  • Always include pictures and/or video when possible.
  • Try to offer something that isn’t available in your other media outlets/promotions, such as a particular quote, fact, or finding.
  • Try to pose a question and engage your audience.
  • Respond to everyone.

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