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At the Daniels College of Business, our faculty are more than teachers—they are partners and collaborators in our students’ academic journeys who further our mission of developing business pioneers who benefit the public good. Daniels faculty are thought-leaders and influencers who are regularly consulted about marketplace trends and phenomena. The practical applications of our faculty’s pioneering and interdisciplinary research extend far beyond the walls of academia, and profoundly impact the public and private sectors worldwide.

Because we recognize that innovation and impact begin with our faculty, we remain steadfast in our commitment to recruiting and retaining the best and brightest, and promoting the body of knowledge they create through research. Investing in, and celebrating, a culture of high-caliber scholarship is one of our core priorities at Daniels. As they continue to pursue rigorous research, our faculty are helping to make Daniels the standard-bearer for excellence in business education.

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Valerie Bartelt

Assistant Professor
Department of Business Information and Analytics

Valerie Bartelt’s research interests primarily involve social behaviors and decision-making using information communication technologies, information communication technology adoption and use, and health information technology adoption and use.


Associate Professor
Reiman School of Finance

Doina Chichernea’s research interests are in the area of empirical asset pricing, with a special focus on striving to provide a better understanding of various sources of risk that generate patterns in returns. She studies risk-based explanations for asset pricing anomalies (instances where return variation seems to defy the basic tenet of high risk, high return). She is also interested in how institutional investors process information and how their participation in the markets influences the risk–return relationship.


Associate Professor, Director
Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management

Most of the work David Corsun has published and continues to pursue is focused on the impact on students of mentoring refugee trainees; psychological empowerment; clearly identifying the bad management practices associated with firefighting in organizations; shedding light on the glass ceiling and its causes and consequences; or creating cases and materials to develop managers in the classroom. Corsun’s work links back to what drives him to learn, teach, research and serve—creating humane workplaces.


Assistant Professor
Reiman School of Finance

Andrew Detzel investigates how macroeconomic and policy forces drive returns on financial assets and how frictions prevent markets from working properly.


Assistant Professor
Franklin L. Burns School of Real Estate & Construction Management

Drew Mueller is primarily interested in regenerative development, which focuses on social justice and environmental sustainability in the built environment. Mueller hopes to bring attention to social and environ­mental challenges facing cities and provide practitioners with tools to assess and improve on social and environmental performance of real estate projects. He is actively involved in establishing cross-disciplinary research teams that address these problems at a systems scale. Mueller is also interested in using macroeconomic indicators to predict real estate returns and improve investment portfolio performance.


Assistant Professor
Department of Marketing

Gia Nardini’s research focuses on consumer behavior in the domains of consumption experiences and decision-making. Her work on consumption experiences includes various projects investigating the antecedents and value outcomes of consumption experiences, how people process experiences and how experiences create value. She also investigates consumer decision-making with projects exploring the role of choice difficulty and prepayment on downstream consequences. She seeks to understand the theoretical underpinnings of experiential consumption and decision-making to enhance consumer well-being. Her work has been published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing and the Journal of Business Research, and presented at leading conferences, including the Association for Consumer Research, the Academy of Marketing Science and Consumer Culture Theory.


Associate Professor
School of Accountancy

Lorenzo Patelli conducts research on performance measurement (how performance measures affect behavior and decisions) and tone management (how tone of corporate disclosure reflects managerial decisions).

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