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At the Daniels College of Business, our faculty are more than teachers—they are partners and collaborators in our students’ academic journeys who further our mission of developing business pioneers who benefit the public good. Daniels faculty are thought-leaders and influencers who are regularly consulted about marketplace trends and phenomena. The practical applications of our faculty’s pioneering and interdisciplinary research extend far beyond the walls of academia, and profoundly impact the public and private sectors worldwide.

Because we recognize that innovation and impact begin with our faculty, we remain steadfast in our commitment to recruiting and retaining the best and brightest, and promoting the body of knowledge they create through research. Investing in, and celebrating, a culture of high-caliber scholarship is one of our core priorities at Daniels. As they continue to pursue rigorous research, our faculty are helping to make Daniels the standard-bearer for excellence in business education.

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Daniels Business

Daniels Business, the College’s foremost publication, is published each fall. The magazine showcases our innovative initiatives and curricula, exceptional faculty, and outstanding students and alumni.

Take a deep dive into our most current issue or explore our past releases.

Daniels Business: The Research Issue

Daniels Business: The Research Issue is published each spring, showcasing our faculty’s pioneering and interdisciplinary scholarship, the practical applications of which resonate far beyond the walls of academia.

Daniels Research Impact

Daniels Research Impact is the College’s curation of faculty contributions that have appeared in Top 50 Journals, as defined by the Financial Times. These Top 50 Journals have long been considered the definitive list of excellence in business scholarship, and we invite you to explore the breadth and merit of Daniels’ faculty research.

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