Event or Room Reservation

If you are a student organization/student, faculty or staff within the Daniels College of Business or a DU affiliated organization/unit requesting a classroom or hosting an event, please request space by clicking on the button below and using 25Live. If you’re not familiar with 25Live, use these detailed directions.

If you want to host an event in Joy Burns, please contact Kristen DuFour.

*Please note: Individuals or organizations outside DU must reach out to DU Conference and Event services for event assistance. Unless, your group is being hosted and all reservation expenses are being covered by a Daniels department or academic unit. In this case, your host should make reservations on your behalf.


Event Calendar Submission

If you need to reserve a room for your event, please submit the form above for 25Live. Once the confirmation is received, forward it to Monica Humble and ask that it be placed on the calendar.

For calendar requests that do not require a space reservation, complete the form below.

*Please note: You can also complete this form if you are a student and/or don’t have access to 25Live and want an event to appear on the Daniels Events calendar and the Daniels bathroom calendar.

Event and Bathroom Calendar Submission

Scheduling Classrooms

We need to ensure that all Daniels academic courses (those with a CRN) are scheduled in classrooms for each term before we can offer classrooms to other units on-campus. Therefore, we have revised the advance booking time to one month prior to the start of each term. If requests are submitted prior to that time they will be denied/canceled.

For the following 2018-19 academic year, you can request rooms starting on the following dates for the next term.

Quarter                                Booking dates for non-academic (CRN) use 

Spring Quarter 2018             February 2

Summer Quarter 2018          March 5

Autumn Quarter 2018           May 4

Winter Quarter 2019            October 19

Finally, if you’d like to request assistance for your event from DU Advancement, click this link 

All reservations will receive an email confirmation within 48 business hours.

All study room reservations are required to use PioneerWeb > Daniels Tab > Daniels and Margery Reed Study Room Reservation Form.


If you need assistance planning your event, please contact Monica.Humble@DU.edu