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Biography at a Glance

Anthony Hayter is a statistician with interests in probability, regression, samples, surveys, data analysis and collection, modeling, bias detection, reliability, risk analysis, extrapolation, sampling, quality control, econometrics, mathematics, hypothesis testing, prediction, forecasting, estimation, data mining and statistical significance.

Hayter holds degrees from Cambridge University and Cornell University, and he is a Fulbright Scholar.

Hayter holds the rank of full professor at the University of Denver, and he is a former department chair. He currently has 90 refereed publications. Hayter is the author of a textbook on Probability and Statistics, now in its 4th edition, adopted worldwide. He has over 25 years of university teaching, with top level student evaluations. Hayter has excellent quantitative, technical and communication skills.

Hayter has worked on a wide range of topics including construction defects, workplace risk analyses, racial profiling, jail conditions, insurance claims, employee discrimination cases, accounting audits, environmental regulations, customer profiling, business performances and losses, product surveys, quality management, online marketing, design and analysis of pollution studies, national security studies, workforce analyses, highway construction, damages from employee fraud, tax assessments, real estate appraisals, pricing analyses, market research, and analysis of brand damages.

When working with the media, Hayter is able to discuss the application of statistics, probability and data analysis.


  • PhD, Statistics, Cornell University
  • MSc, Statistics, Cornell University
  • MA, Mathematics, Cambridge University
  • BA, Mathematics, Cambridge University

Academic Leadership Positions Held

  • Chair, Department of Statistics and Operations Technology Daniels College of Business

Academic Positions Held

  • Professor, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver
  • Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Ohio State University
  • Lecturer, University of Bath, United Kingdom

Courses Taught

Workshop for business leaders on “The Importance of Statistical and Quantitative Analytical Skills in Business and Management Today—how they can help you if you have them, or hurt you if you don’t have them.”
Module 1 – Using Data Effectively
Module 2 – The Data Analyst’s Toolbox—Extracting Information from Data
Module 3 – Building Models for Understanding and Prediction
Module 4 – What can Probability Theory Do for You?
Module 5 – Ethical Considerations in Probability and Statistics

Computer code for paper “Recursive Formulas for Multinomial Probabilities with Applications”—Download»

Computer code for paper “Establishing Practical Equivalence Between Three Treatments”—Download»

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