Through the blended executive-style learning format of the Executive PhD, you can complete your doctorate in three years while continuing your full-time career.

2019 – 2020 Immersion Dates

Orientation: Friday, August 23 – Saturday, August 24, 2019

Fall 2019: Friday, September 27 – Saturday, September 28 and Friday, November 1 – Saturday, November 2

Winter Interterm: Friday, December 6 – Saturday, December 7

Winter 2020: Friday, January 24 – Saturday, January 25 and Friday, February 28 – Saturday, February 29

Spring 2020: Friday, April 17 – Saturday, April 19 and Friday, May 15 – Saturday, May 16

Summer 2020: Friday, July 10 – Saturday, July 11

The Curriculum

Students develop mastery of research by moving from principles to processes to practices.

The Applied Research Practicum Series

The Applied Research Practicum Series prepares students for their independent dissertation. It also helps them generate original research for presentation or publication at the end of their second year.

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The program is designed to be completed in three years. However, the program may take longer than three years to complete if there is a delay in completing your dissertation.