Student Programs

Experiential Learning

Student engagement with CiBiC will enhance experiential aspects of learning and help students better prepare for jobs in the real world. CiBiC provides a space for accelerating student entrepreneurship (for start-ups and organizational needs) by offering research apprenticeship opportunities as well as project-based internships.

Also, interdisciplinary programs are designed within Daniels (e.g., with the Departments of Management and Business Information and Analytics) as well as across campus (e.g., with the School of Engineering and Computer Science) to prepare students for current and future business needs.

CiBiC integrates technological platforms and hands-on learning through research activities with an emphasis on the importance of data-driven decisions throughout various programs.

Student Opportunities

The following are student opportunities within CiBiC:

  • CiBiC Fellowships: opportunities to develop marketing acumen and management skills through a combination of focused curriculum and consulting projects.
  • Discovery Projects: select students can work with CiBiC faculty on specific client research projects. Student intern positions are available on a project-by-project basis, depending on the needs of clients.  Students will have faculty supervision while having the opportunity to gain real-world experience through client projects.
  • Colloquium Speaker Series

The Consumer Insights and Business Innovation Center is an exemplar in graduate school structure. Ali Besharat and Melissa Akaka have developed a very special program that created extraordinarily valuable work for us this quarter. The high professor to student ratio, emphasis on excellent teaching and mentoring, and drive to provide insight and value for clients are outstanding characteristics.

Michael Kendrick (MBA 1991)

President, Climax Molybdenum, a participant in CiBiC student programs

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