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Partnerships in Research

Faculty will be able to run various types of academic research studies using primary and secondary data.

Topics of research conducted in the behavioral and technology labs located within the center relate to consumer psychology and behavioral insights (e.g., choice architecture, judgments, heuristics, motivation, goals, contextual impact, and social influence), UX/UI designs and digital immersions, package design and branding, organizational behavior, and experiential marketing.

How will the research outcomes benefit your personal research goals?
The proposed research infrastructure will enable behavioral researchers like yourself to produce superior scholarly contributions that will be recognized at the regional, national, and international levels. Daniels’ enhanced reputation for excellence in scholarly research will further increase its ability to recruit and maintain exceptional faculty, students, and staff.

Faculty will be able to run various types of behavioral research studies. CiBiC will encourage partnerships across different disciplines and enable researchers to work together to study important social and economic issues and solve complex problems.

Why target students as primary participants rather than other random subjects?
Students are currently in the learning environment and they are a part of the DU community. At the same time, they represent consumers in the market. CiBiC will be a facility to do sophisticated education-based research and assess assurance of learning. It provides a platform where we can do training, development, and enhance learning at Daniels.
How does participating in the lab relate to classroom participation and overall outcome?
Students will sharpen their research skills and improve their marketability for future career opportunities by interacting with faculty and utilizing leading research technology. Eventually, the proposed lab technology will contribute to the recruitment and retention of high quality faculty, students, and staff.

Businesses can engage with CiBiC through strategic partnerships, client projects, internships and networking events and workshops. CiBiC’s current capabilities include designing and implementing experiments, surveys, focus groups; competitive and market analyses; and customer experience journeys. Future considerations include sensory studies and UI/UX as well as leveraging AI and other emerging technologies.

Businesses can engage with CiBiC through strategic partnerships, client projects, internships and networking events and workshops.

Summer Internship Program

Summer internships provide opportunities for businesses to hire project-based interns without having to manage their work. CiBiC faculty will work with select students to work over the summer on specific client research projects. Student interns are paid $20/hour on a project-by-project basis, depending on the needs of clients.

Current & Past Clients

  • Danone North America
  • Leprino
  • Hyde Park Jewelers
  • GPT Industries
  • North Star HQ
  • FIG Advertising + Marketing
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