become a master marketer

Put your creativity, strategic thinking and brand building skills to work. The Department of Marketing at the Daniels College of Business aligns you with live client accounts, providing opportunities to learn at the ground level and building real-world connections.

  • Digital Emphasis—One of the few programs in the country where you master hard analytical skills and participate in unique cases each year.
  • Corporate Connections—Leverage our network of more than 500 local companies and 5,800 corporations across the globe.
  • Research Opportunities—Build connections with world-class faculty while gaining invaluable experience, whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student.
  • Actionable Insights—Engage with the Consumer Insights and Business Innovation Center (CiBiC). It is a state-of-the-art research center that guides you, faculty and businesses along a journey that starts with understanding the needs, feelings and behaviors of consumers and ends with ideas for developing new and improved market offerings.

My experience provided many opportunities to engage with marketing professionals through classes and through the student-run DU Marketing Association. I was able to apply what I learned through hands-on marketing planning and strategy courses and under the guidance of professors who really cared about my professional success.


– Lulu Chen, MS Marketing, 2010 Regional Manager, TOEFL Junior—Shanghai

Innovative. International. Inspiring.

  • Work on live marketing projects—field projects, internships and emerging job opportunities
  • Build your digital competencies—Google Analytics, Qualtrics/SPSS
  • Learn from thought leaders—cutting-edge marketing practitioners on campus
  • Gain global perspective—social, environmental and financial ramifications to every business initiative
  • Build a strong sense of ethics—corporate social responsibility contributes to better business decision-making
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