We are the voice for Daniels College of Business graduate students, and with the University of Denver we build and foster meaningful, memorable and successful experiences for our community.


The Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) enhances the graduate students’ experience at Daniels to create a cohesive student body through educational, social, community and cultural activities. GBSA actively engages students by serving as a liaison between students and faculty in order to affect positive change in our community.

What We Do

In conjunction with the stated Vision and Mission statements, GBSA strives to facilitate interaction and cooperation between graduate students at the Daniels College of Business, the University of Denver and the entire Denver community through the following:

  • Enhance the entire student experience of graduate business students at the Daniels College of Business through educational, professional, social and community events.
  • Promote interaction and networking between all Daniels College of Business graduate students, alumni and the local business community through social and volunteer events.
  • Support the Daniels graduate student groups in their mission, membership and activities.
  • Participate in the continuous development of all Daniels College of Business graduate programs.

By implementing the above points, GBSA strives to enhance the entire graduate student experience by improving the educational, professional and social atmosphere for Daniels College of Business.

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