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Recruit Burns School Students

Post Jobs and Internships
You can easily post your job openings in our weekly newsletter is targeted to our students and alumni. Your job will also be featured on the Daniels Career Services website, where we can track applicants and offer additional services to employers.

Company Info Sessions
We feature companies in the classrooms where they’re most relevant, in order to connect employers to students, enhance classroom content, and provide career knowledge and opportunities. Companies can sponsor food if wanted, and we handle all logistics.

Engage with Students

Meet and Greets
Companies can table in front of the student common area to meet with students organically between classes. This can be done in conjunction with a Company Info Session. You can bring swag and sponsor food if you like, and we handle all logistics.

Lunch and Learns
You can host a lunch and learn by putting together a panel of industry professionals to present topics and career opportunities. You’ll sponsor the meal, and we handle all logistics.