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Educating the next leaders for the industry takes a community of engaged alumni and industry partners. We’re committed to providing the most advanced education for the Built Environment. This begins in our classrooms with the best faculty and extends to learning opportunities beyond our walls.

We welcome your support, whether it be time, talent or treasure.

Student Competitions

Support our students as they take part at the highest level in local, regional, national and international competitions.

Solar Decathlon

Support our students financially and by providing industry expertise as our students renovate and make net-zero a DU-owned house for the Solar Decathlon competition.

Playhouse Project

Support our charitable efforts as our students build a playhouse on campus to be donated to charity. They learn valuable building skills and project management in the process.

The Collaboratory

Support the creation of the classroom for the 21st century, which will soon be located in the Daniels College of Business.


Support our students by volunteering for and sponsoring the RECM student club’s networking events throughout the school year.

Career Recruitment

Support our students by recruiting on campus. A full range of services are available to you and your company.

Spring Banquet

Support our students by sponsoring the Spring Banquet, both to help us make the event possible and to meet and recruit our students.


Support our students financially to make their dream of a DU education possible and affordable.