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Simply because you’ve earned your bachelor’s degree or have been successfully employed for many years doesn’t mean you’ve reached your full professional potential. As any good student knows, there’s always room for growth and there are always opportunities to add or enhance your skillset. In today’s demanding and fast-paced business world, the ability to adapt and grow with technological demand is absolutely vital. At the Daniels College of Business, we offer a number of professional short courses designed to help professionals at every stage of their career. Care to know more about what we offer and how each course can benefit you professionally? Here’s an introduction to our fantastic programs.

Short Courses for Working Professionals

Short Courses Offered

At the Daniels College of Business, our Professional Short Courses are designed to target specific and relevant areas of business, as well as the industry as a whole. They focus on teaching individual traits, abilities and skills which apply to specific careers or aid growth in general, no matter the field you pursue. Here are just a few of the upcoming courses offered this summer:

  • SHRM CP Exam Preparation Course: This human resource program will help develop HR skills and earn the HR certification standard: the SHRM-SPSM or SHRM-SCPSM. The first session of begins May 11.
  • Insights Discovery: This program will help you understand and implement the Insights Discovery System. A next-generation psychometric system focusing on the workplace, it’s thought to be the best work-style assessment currently available. Classes begin May 15.
  • Leadership Intelligence Series: NeuroLeadership, Mindfullness and Optimal Energy: Designed to help you recognize your limits, energy levels and make the most of what you have, this short course will help create a plan of action for new ways of using your energy. Courses begin May 7.
  • Business Analytics: Aimed to help you understand, manage and use data analytics in your professional field. You’’ll also learn data processing techniques and how to identify relationships in the data you observe. Classes start April 30.

Be aware the dates mentioned above are for the first instances of the programs or courses. Other courses will follow throughout the year. If you’re interested in specific dates and schedules, be sure to check online or contact us for more information.

Benefits of the Short Courses

Each course focuses on boosting your performance through rigorous coursework and hands-on curriculum. Whether studying for an exam or conducting group work, you’ll refine and focus existing abilities, transforming them into something you never thought possible.

Beyond the lessons gained through coursework and exams, you have the opportunity to move-on with various certifications and credit toward a degree program. Many of these programs pave the way to greater responsibilities and earning potential. For example, the SHRM certification is required for many upper-level human resource careers throughout the country. Even with years of experience, you’ll need the exam in order to continue your growth in the HR industry.

The SHRM exam is just one specific example of what how professional short courses can assist your professional growth. No matter the industry of which you work, we offer a course aimed to help you become certified for growth in ways otherwise not possible

Become A Certified Professional

Becoming Your Best You

Whether you want to take a few extra courses to help toward your graduation requirements or you’re an industry veteran, our Professional Short Courses will help anyone and everyone enhance their existing skills and learn new ones. Through seminars, workshops, enrichment programs and hands-on experience, the rigorous courses will stretch your limits to help you become a global leader. No matter what field of business in which you’re interested, we encourage you to take the next step and reach your true potential.